How does meditation help you personally?

Lucie P.
When saying no, I don’t think you have to be polite about it, but it is better. Saying no is an act of self care, and as such you shouldn’t have guilt when you do. But to dive into the polite part, would be to simply say, “ I am sorry, I can’t help you with… “. There is no need to go into explanations.
Ichigo Z.
Meditation helps me to calm down when not feeling great. I am also able to plan my day and appreciate everything I have and am. It brings wonders if you commit on doing it :))
Wade P.
It grounds me, makes me feel present. If I feel my thoughts whisk away to planning for the future or worrying what might happen, I pull myself back and remind myself to stay in the present. It calms me down and realigns my thoughts with my body.
Cecilie W.
While meditating, I feel like I’m organizing my thoughts more. It does not mean that I’m controlling the thoughts. It means, I’m letting the thoughts come to me and then I think about it. The thoughts which are coming to me are only due to inside me. The way I feel generates those thoughts. So, mindful meditation will make you feel more acceptable to the reality. Still, I’ve just started this to cope up with Anxiety and overthinking.