What are some meditate exercises that help with sleep?

Christiaan P.
Try Head Space meditation. They have meditation classes for sleep. Don't know if you can use that one the free version. I love the app and it helps me allot with my meditation goals. It's definitely worth a try! Stay Happy and Stay Save
Rico N.
Pair meditation with soft stretches to the neck, shoulders, hips and legs. Bring into full relaxation. Go into Corpse Pose and everyone has that place in their mind that is their happy place. Mine is sitting on the upper Adirondack of a beautiful mountain home that over looks a waterfall dropping its life giving water into a high mountain lake with black bear fishing out salmon while wolves tend to their young in a near pack and my own sits by my feet. What ever your place is, make that the focus of your meditation. I have a cozy stone meditation/yoga room to which I retreat and put down my mats, light one of my favorite diffusers with sandalwood, patchouli, lavender and Neroli. This brings me closer to the mountains in my spirit. I offer prayer in a praise and contemplation and focus on my happy place. I revisit as often as I can throughout the day.