What are the longterm benefits of meditation

Christine N.
Reduces stress, decreases anxiety, promotes emotional health, lengthens attention span, may reduce memory loss due to aging, improves sleep, promotes kindness, May help fight addictions, helps control pain, enhances sense of self, and reduces blood pressure.
Benjamin S.
The long term benefits of meditation are, that in fact you will have earnt your ur hair. Become stronger and more flexible mentally. Better posture, mentally and physically. Better at breathing, more mentally aware of whom you are. More articulate, more centered,and more in control of wh ever you wish to become. More accurate with your attempt If expressing your every essence. Raising your frequency which will provide you a better chance at being successful. Hopefully
Juth F.
Better sleep, enhanced memory, concentration and perception, increased levels of happiness and compassion, a healthier immune system, improved alertness and ability to focus