How do you focus your entire energy on a specific task?

Allan Z.
I disconnect completely from all digital devices and internet and deep worj on the task ahead for the longest time I get allowed. Whrn my energy starts to run down of attention gets fussy I get a break of 15-30 minutes
Arianna C.
I don’t… Real talk is that I have way too much in my head, I think everything is important and I want to solve everything at once and that is chronically and physically impossible. So my conviction would be, how do I make time to focus all my energy on one thing? Then I think he answer is more simple, make a list! What are the 3 main important things that will give you relief that you can do today? Start by taking away the obstacles and distractions, prepare, be organized. Now say you do all of that and you are right in front of your main task now, relax, close your eyes if necessary, take a deep breath, and think of how happy it will make you to have that task completed, and of all the positive outcomes that will come along with it. Perhaps things will start coming together as fete completed, you’ll get closer toward a bigger goal. Imagine how awesome things could be after having it completed. Yeah? Feels great huh? Now imagine that now you can take the next step, and every time you take a new step it becomes easier and you find yourself at peace with yourself. Perhaps you will start to feel complete, and feel whole, and realize all your capabilities, and how awesome you are, and your purpose will become greater and closer to you, then you hold on to it because that purpose becomes a part of you, giving you a reason to keep going, loving yourself and the people around you. Wouldn’t that be great? It all starts with a step 🙂 Goodluck! 🙂
Homero Q.
Get rid of all unnecessary distractions. Distractions will always interfere with accomplishing any task.
Take a deep breath and self-motivate by believing that by the end of the day you WILL complete your task.
Listen to music…it helps boost your energy.
And lastly, set a timeframe. It keeps you on your toes, helps concentrate on the task at hand, and it motivates you to be efficient.
Sophia P.
Take away any forms of distraction. Be in a placf where you cannot be disturbed from others. Decide by what time ypu must accomplish the task, like you couldn't do it later than that.