How long do you meditate.

Vishal Z.
When I started it was not more than a couple of minutes. But now I am able to meditate uptown 10 minutes. Just before starting meditation I do (and you should too) breathing exercises (pranayama) these calm and clear your mind and help to focus.
Cheryl F.
I meditate in the morning from 10-30 minutes before breakfast, but after tea. Then I meditate again before going to sleep. I find I sleep deeper if I do this and also fall asleep quicker. Sometimes, if I have been under lots of stress or doing heavy physical labor, I meditate after lunch and even treat myself to a quick nap! I use nature sound music during the meditations and to help lull me to dleep. The peacefulness is amazing!
Stefano F.
It’s not always the same amount of time, but generally about 15-30 minutes. I like to do the hypnosis sessions, or binaural beats I find on YouTube, specifically for the issue I am currently dealing with, whether it be pain, stress, or trouble staying asleep. I prefer the longer sessions. I don’t have enough time to lucid dream or let myself get AND STAY in nirvana long enough, on the shorter sessions.
Emi Y.
How long and how often I meditate is dependent on how I feel personally. Some days it’s necessary to spend more time grounding myself and refocusing on my goals.
Sophie C.
10 minutes every morning. Some days I’ll do a longer sit in the evening. But I always do at least 10 min in the morning. I’m on a 20 day streak that I hope lasts forever.