What’s the meditation good for?

Fenn A.
Meditating brings me peace, calms my mind and allows me to float freely without distraction.
It can be tough to calm down enough in order to relax during the meditation but afterwards it’s always an amazing feeling of self-love and self-care. Sitting with my thoughts and allowing them to wander never gets boring.
Maria F.
It's good for clear your mind from all of the stress of the journey and all of your thoughts. Also, meditation can make you feel better about yourself and others, it's good to calm down, for anxiety and all of this kind of problems.
Virg Nia Q.
Meditation, despite it being a great way to relax and calm your mind, it is also about concentration.
It helps you to observe how you feel.
For example, when I meditate, I make sure to calm my crazy thoughts that are running through my head, and if my mind starts to wonder once more, I dont start judging or insulting myself; rather, I take note, and bring my mind back to focus on the task at hand.
Then, when I finally feel relaxed, I begin to focus on my breathing, then on how I am feeling. I make sure to relax every muscle in my body, in the meantime, making sure that my back stays straight.
I also tend to try and calmly plan out my day. But it doesnt matter, after or during your meditation session, you can plan your day however you like, because now you have focus and a calm mind.
Meditation helps a lot even in daily tasks. It helps you to improve your concentration.
Most importantly when my emotions are starting to rile up, perhaps after an argument, or maybe an upcoming event that starts to make me feel anxious, I always remember my meditating session, and bring myself to that sort of calmness to be able to find a reasonable way of solving my issues or even dealing with people.
I would highly reccomend people to meditate to start off the day.
It may seem like nothing happens at first, but just trust the process, and the results will be seen.