How do you know you`re meditating properly? I find that my mind wanders a lot.

Eloane Z.
You know you're meditating when you allow your thoughts to pass and you're in a state of acceptance. Meditate is connecting you with the observer. The observer is the part of you beyond though and feelings. It is the part of you than can see your thoughts and feelings from a nonjudgemental point of view.

Pamela W.
Meditating "properly" is different for everyone, but a great start for anyone is to find that peace and quiet, get into a comfortable position, and then focus on your breathing. Focus on the feeling of the air coarsing through your nose and filling your lungs. Inhale, and exhale. Now- generally, when I enter a meditative state, it feels like spacing out… so focus on nothing but your breathing until you space out. It is okay if your mind wanders. If your mind wanders…just say "Focus.", and continue to focus on your breathing. Even if you have to do it over and over again, it will get easier as you go! I promise.

Sebastian C.
Great Question. Mind wandering is totally natrual and part of thr meditation process! Meditation in essence is just sitting and breathing, your mind will natrually take you where you need to go. Here's a thought you might find comfort in. Your subconscious response to meditation regardless of your concious. So you don't think your way into a calmer you. You just breath. That's it. Sometimes your mind wanders for a minute sometimes maybe 15. That's OK! When you notice your off your breath. Just gently note what you were thinking and return your focus to your breath. That's it. Once you begin to feel more comfortable with breathing… Perhaps some new questions will come… Or perhaps something else will happen in your journey. Maybe you'll just be 10 percent happier… In my opinion. The point of mediation is the antipoint, to be ok with being, without direction and to have the truth of being revealed to you, not be action… But by inaction… Which means… just chill..just breath and try and relax 🙂 Wandering is perfectly ok and normal.

Loreta Q.
Ideally you stop thinking at all, for periods of time. But worrying about what the experience “should” be like will help your mind wander. It’s normal for the mind to distract you when you start. Instead of worrying or letting yourself get distracted by thinking about how your mind is wandering and feeling bad, ( because that’s another mental trap) try this – when you realize it’s wandering observe yourself for a moment- note that your mind wandered and then focus on the meditation again. With practice the times between when your mind wanders will get longer and it will get easier.

Klaas T.
If your mind wanders, it's a good sign. It means that you're trying to concentrate on meditating. Your mind wanders and you try to put your concentration on meditating again. Keep trying!

Jas O S.
I find that if I can easily detatch from the thoughts that are coming and going, then I can feel calmer and less reactive after meditating. I guess this is a way to know that my meditation is effective.

Silje Y.
Acknowledge the thought but don’t stay there. RE-center. Don’t give the thought life otherwise it will take you all over the place. Good luck!

Mattie C.
Anytime when you sit down to be aware of a moment is meditation. I find guides meditation the most helpful when my mind is wandering, it gives me something to listen to and consider whilst still being able to concentrate or my breathing and the present. Also I find it helpful to close my eyes at do a very detailed mental scan of my body, starting with my feet and working my way up to my head. This way my brain is active but not given the chance to wander. Plus, I can identify any areas of bodily tension.

Ted N.
I don't know..! I only started recently and found that I just focus on my breathing. I only notice I wasn't thinking after the meditation is over. But sometimes it is hard to focus. I still try and let my mind washer for a bit

Tommy C.
It is important to remember the point of mediation in order to practice it correctly. Meditation offers you a chance to strictly observe what the mind is doing. Whether that be noticing its thoughts that will forever arise or interrupting the emotional loops which are always strengthened by those thoughts. So, you are already practicing correctly seeing that you are noticing those thoughts, the next step would be to practice becoming the observer of them rather then be captured by them. So long as your mind exists, it will forever wander mindlessly, that is what it does. Focus on the feel of your body and your natural breath next time you notice those wandering thoughts and with a tremendous amount of practice, at least it has been for me, and you will begin to notice those thoughts coming and going but choose to not participate. You can always be the one feeling your body and breath, the observer, instead of the one getting lost in that which is only ever an illusion, your thoughts. Hope that helps. If it didn’t, I wish there was a way for you to follow up as I’d like to hear if that was helpful and offer more if it was.

Sebastian E.
It’s completely normal to find your mind wandering. When you start out, the goal is simply to be aware that your mind is wandering and bringing your attention back to the present moment.

The more you meditate, the easier it will be to stay present.

Arnold Z.
I do not know if I am meditating correctly either. Though each time it looks shorter to me. The first day, I kept watching the time and could not concentrate just on my breath. Time never passed! But today, 12 minutes flew away.

Ninon P.
What I've found is that the more time you spend meditating the more you are able to find the "gap" and your mind wanders less. I don't believe that there is such a thing as "meditating properly" but I normally use mantras and my breath if my mind wanders. When thoughts keep popping up, I acknowledge them and refocus on my breath or mantra.

Nicole B.
I focus on my breathing as often as possible and remind myself if it's important it will come to me again in a timely manner. Something I do let it wander when I think of things that make me happy.

Friedrich Wilhelm Y.
I focus on one object or thing. Often it's flowers in a field or something in my room I like.

Ronald U.
I feel relaxed and in tune with my body. My body feels at ease and my mind is clear. I feel no pain and my breathing feels easy.

Malou A.
If your noticing that your mind is wondering then your doing it right. It’s all about being present in the moment and being aware of your experience.

Lea W.
Yaaaaaap! You got it! That means your meditating correctly! The point of meditating is not to be focused flawlessly with no need to refocus, it’s kinda almost the opposite, to train your brain to refocus quicker, easier and smoother with awareness. Like making your bed. It’s about gently and kindly reminding yourself to make your bed in the morning. Bring your focus back to your breath. You will undoubtedly get distracted, refocus, make your breathe as easy you make your bed. And remember, it makes sense the bed was messy and needed making, it’s what happens to things we use. No need to scold or shake your finger at a bed messed from the night before. Your need to refocus during meditation is the same, rejoice, it is a sign, that you use your brain! Hip hip! Keep it up! Using and making your brain mind bed and heart.

Tobias C.
Don't with about the mind wandering, it's natural. Just keep Gently guiding yourself back. It's called a practice for a reason.

Rayan T.
I do not know if I am meditating properly yet, but I am trying. My mind wanders but mainly my cat likes to sing but am trying to tune that out while meditating. I do have experience meditating I just need to improve on my focus for extended periods

Clementina Q.
Wandering is okay. When you realize you're wandering just return your focus to your breathing. I usually count a specific number for my breath in and out and that helps me focus.

Jesus G.
i make sure i am in a dark, quiet environment & i sits up straight, relax & close my eyes while listening to zen music which allows me to “clear” my mind.

Billy X.
For me I tend to focus on my breathing. I count to 7 on the inhale, hold for a count of 4, and exhale cor a count of 7. If you find this difficult, start withwhat you can currently do and work up to it. Just focusing on breathing and being aware of you body. It is okay to let your mind wander. This is a time for personal reflection to acknowledge your thoughts. Acknowledge any thoughts or feelings that come to mind and continue breathing. I hope this helps.