Is it worth spending more than 10 minutes meditating?

Gabin N.
Yes. As long as I prepare and I'm in the right headspace to sit alone with my thoughts, I think I can build up to doing it for 10 mins at a time.
Claire O.
I ussulye meditate 5-10 minutes but wen I fel bad I meditate more, I love breath program(5minutes) and after I do it I like to stay a little and think about me
A J.
For me, I have found that sometimes based on what I am dealing with I would meditate on for about 20- 30 mins because it's a struggle to calm my mind and body. However for a quick reset 10mins is all it takes.
Saratu W.
Yes it is, because the longer time you spend trying to calm your mind, focus and attain harmony within the longer the positive energy available to carry you through the day