Does meditation help with energy?

Basile T.
Meditation hasn’t helped me improve my energy levels, but it has helped me manage the more energy consuming parts of my day to day. Instead of spending the time and energy into berating myself, through meditation, I’ve learned to be patient with myself and more forgiving. It’s less taxing to forgive and let go than to hold on and face the constant stress of living with myself as I criticize myself.

Erik C.
Absolutely! Meditation helps you shift the type of energy in your body. If you are feeling tired and low, you can mediate on that and infuse yourself with insipiring energy or active energy!

Maria W.
I planned a really demanding schedule for study and work. Meditation gives me inspiration and energy so I can deal with what I do actively instead of passively. I used to feel tired trought the day instead now I can be more productive clear minded and less stressed even if I work really hard for a lot of time.

T O I.
Short answer – yes.
Longer answer – different types of mediation can have different effects. I use the Insight Timer app (Free from the App Store). It contains over 8000 guided meditations, you can choose what you want to achieve – eg. Energy, focus, etc. or relaxation, sleep, etc.

H Ber Z.
For me, meditation helps me 1) feel lighter, and 2) helps me sleep. After meditation I often feel refreshed and calmer, helping me to feel lighter. If I practice before bed I notice my mind quiets down and I’m able to sleep better.

Irma T.
For me meditation helps with focus and being able to draw on calmness through the day. It serves to allure me to assess my own strengths and weaknesses during moments in my day.

Ann W.
Yes, I believe that it does. However, meditation offers clarity more than anything else for me. It really gives me a sense of fulfillment. It just feels right. I recommend that you attend a meditation group. I love attending my group once a week. We focus on vipassana meditation.

Den Sia N.
I have been pursuing meditation for a long time and I have to say I have tried different apps, courses and videos. Nothing really worked. But today Ifeel like I am just starting to build the habit with this app and have been meditating for two days. Just with that I already feel like I have gotten valuable rewards. I don’t know exactly what you mean by energy but I guess the answer is yes. It is not the kind of energy that makes you active but an energy that makes you feel better, more in peace, more connected with yourself. An energy that stays with you in the moments after where you feel calm and hopeful that this is actually helping, that it is actually working in your mind and creating a new perspective of things, an awareness that is hard to find. More than energy right now I feel hope that I will be making changes in my life that ultimately will bring rewards such as energy. Energy in my mind and energy in my body.

Mads Y.
Yes, I had much more energy going to work after meditating. In fact it was so noticeable I thought about going without my morning cappuccino the next day.