What helps you stay focused? Do you use a physical focusing point?

Gaia T.
that’s a difficult one! I have concentration problems too…. I would suggest to meditate or take a hot shower or just take some time for yourself: after that, you’ll feel comfortable with your body and it will be much easier to concentrate… sometimes it’s not a matter of concentration, maybe your body has been so focused for a lot of time that it’s asking for a little relax. On the other hand it could be that you can’t just concentrate. Well in this case, I suggest to unplug from all devices because often people tend to browse through social media and they get distracted from what was the original task. I suggest you to disconnect the WiFi, if you’re someone who uses socials frequently. Other than that, maybe you need some energy, so if you feel like that eat almonds or raisins or fruits or other busters for your brain. Hope it was helpful:))
Anaa X.
I didnt hear about physical focusing point !would u plz let me know what is it and how to use it.Actually i focoue by white paper strategy n write every tinymind which distract my concentration .
Bruce F.
Meditation every morning helps me to be more focused during the day, even though I still need to work on not paying attention to the phone
Stephan U.
When I want to focus, I switch off everything that could distract me. Most likely notifications. I also use a timer like a time timer to count down the time for my pomodoro. Then, I focus on the selected activity. The timer reminds me serves as an anchor to help me not to drift.