Do you find you are able to concentrate longer the more you practice meditating?

Pierre Francois
Yes. As I slowly expand the amount of time I spend meditating (I try to add 1 minute a week till I reach 30 minutes) I do see the effects transfer to other areas.

I can focus for longer because I am getting used to being mindful. Learning to control my breathing and clear my mind is a powerful tool.

The more you try the better you will get at it. The most important thing is to not beat up yourself if you can't focus.

Rather, ask yourself "What can I do differently?" Experiment.

Aaron Chevalier
Yea, I do. The meditations make me calmer and able to do my work better. Also it influence on the relationship with my son

Pat Peters
I've only started for a week now. I'm still trying to get my footing for what will make me most comfortable. I will say starting with a short time frame and growing into longer stages is probably best.

James Peters
Actually, for me it comes in waves….. some days I can concentrate for much longer than others.
Overall though, I’d say I’m much more able to concentrate now than I was when I started…. so I guess the answer is yes 🙂 but expecting a truly linear progression might be unrealistic.

Lily Hicks
Yes. I’m able to concentrate longer on other aspects of my life because I practice being still and focusing on my breath in meditation

Justin Hall
Yes I do. I used to not be able to calm down. I use headspace and came from 5 to 15 minutes. One day at a time and one better than the other. Good luck!

Jesse Adams
Definitely. I guess if you meditate consistently, you tend to be more focused, creative, and concentrate more. This becomes second nature with time and pays off in the long run. You begin to see things in a different light, and new perspective. You feel stronger and more mentally prepared to face challenges.