How to increase the duration of meditation. I can do more than 5 min.

Amy N.
Practice practice practice! Try looking up a meditation online course to get more tips and basics; don’t increase the time by too much each time; most importantly, give yourself grace while learning something new! And remember that even 5 minutes is helpful
Kate I.
By trying to stay calmer for longer, trying to enjoy not being anxious for a while, by letting distractive thoughts just fly by, one step at a time. I'm very irritable and impatient so it's a challenge for me too.
Zahra N.
Yes you can do more than 5 minutes of meditation 🧘‍♀️. You will be more relaxed 😌. Try to find a quiet place around your home so you can't get distracted by noise and you can also have some calm music playing in low volume 😀
Rosa C.
it Often happens we lose focus while meditating… I suggest this because I usually do this. This morn only helps me stay back in focus, acts like a breather and also helps you feel focused and positive through out the day.

You simply have to focus on your self and you’re goals. What you intend to achieve, or become. See it clear in your mind, as you have already achieved it. Like it’s the present. For example if you want to buy your dream car, imagine yourself driving it, gown the steering wheels and seats feel against your palms. Reflect on your happiness by gaining it. See yourself driving it around your fav places. Etc… I promise. You will feel refreshed if you do this. Thanks

Alexander N.
I start off by doing small meditations each night. Maybe it’s a specific goal or guided meditation. Then depending on my energy I give myself longer or shorter meditations. I lay down or sit back and think “I’m going to get x amount of time to just feel and be present” and the feeling afterwards is always warm and inviting. Slowly increasing how long I meditate based on my energy works great for me
Joshua P.
Meditation honestly takes practice, it takes focus. If at all possible try sitting in a quite room, make your area comfortable and relaxing. I find meditation Playlist to play and focus on the music. When any thoughts come to mind I try focusing on just one thought. People usually state to start on just focusing on your breathing technique so it becomes second nature on how you breathe and is a good starting point to get your mind to focus on one thing at a time. Again, it takes a lot of practice, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. There's also different forms/reasons for meditation. Find out what works best for you, there's a lot of research that can be done to help you out more with that as well. You can do it to be more mindful, to release any negative energy, to train the mind to focus, even simply to just allow yourself to feel all the emotions you have built up good and bad, and let it flow. Just be patient with yourself, meditation is all a process of finding yourself and understanding yourself as well as life and to keep yourself grounded. Best of luck to you.
Nair Y.
Hello there !
We all tend to procrastinate things that might be important to us. If you want to increase the duration of your meditation , ask yourself- why . The how will automatically come ! : ) Motivation for anything stems from within and once you start practising meditation on a consistent basis for 20-30 minutes everyday, it will change your life. Case in example – Me ! But don't get your expectations too high. My life has changed in the sense that I am more mindful of the things I do , and it enables me to focus more , feel accomplished and live happily, even if I am alone in a crowd.

I hope you found it useful. Hope I meet you soon. : )