What are some techniques that help you with meditation?

Gene Z.
When I am going to meditate I make sure I'm in a quiet place, ive set time aside to do it so im commited and I concentrate on taking slow deep breaths from my diaphragm and not my chest.
Bertha E.
Doing meditation early in the day helps. You’re mind is normally blank and don’t worry for stuff like essays, homework’s, and places you have to go.

It makes my brain vulnerable enough to not focus on anything except what I’m doing at the moment, which is, breathing. Its even better when you do it right when you wake up cause you probably wouldn’t have checked your notifications yet making you anticipate complete nothing and keeping your mind to what is happening in the present.

Carolina O.
Well, I try to be in the moment, no distractions. And if I find my mind distracting a little I just let it wander and let my thoughts go easily with no resistance.