What time of the day do people also meditate to clear their mind?

Harold C.
Any time of day. Morning clears the head for a new day, evening clears the head for sleep. Prayer is a form of meditation and muslims observe this multiple times a day. I chose to add it to my afternoon routine as a way to let go of my job which does not bring pleasure to my life, in an effort to make the hours i dont spend working happier, more productive, and more fulfilling.
Riley O.
Morning upon waking before your body is fully active is the best time to meditate.

However anytime you start to feeling your mind become agitated is the right time to step away and take a few minutes to breathe deep and slow!
I love you!

Johan B.
Медитировать можно в любое время дня. Комуто по душе утром, кому то в течении дня. Через практику можно понять когда это лучше делать именно вам
Lana S.
Consciousness already is. It's not about being calm or peaceful, merely, but ultimately that the consciousness is already wide open.
Kay F.
The morning to set up their mental frame for the day. Also in the afternoon, after lunch to reset. And at night before bed to help them disconnect from the day and go to sleep
Gerhard U.
I only really do it at night time, it helps me relax before bed and forget about what’s happened during the day or what will happen tomorrow
Leah J.
Either early in the morning at the start of their day, before all the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities begin. Or at night right before bed, when the body, mind, and spirit are coming to rest.
Julio Z.
I find the night time just before bed best for me. I struggle with anxiety which is worst at night so a clear mind before bed is important. It helps me sleep much more peacefully as my mind doesn’t race as much in the middle of the night.
Elmer J.
I like to meditate once in the morning and once in the evening. The morning is to help prepare my mind to be patient during the day. The evening is to help clear my mind, relax, and unwind for bed.
Megan Z.
I have a question .
The question is what I should think or foucus
About during my meditation time for the perpose of improving my working memory?
Mathis Q.
Usually early in the morning when you would also set your intention for the day. You could also do ‘mini meditations’ during lunch break at work or when you feel stuck infront of a computer and need a moment of clarity.
Candice E.
Morning is perfect. But I find helpful to meditate even when it is a bad moment and I simply need it to call and make order in thought
Florence O.
Im Sorry for a short answer, but my english its a little poor. People do meditate in some moment in the monrning. Case helps they have a great day.
Lynn W.
I usually meditate in the morning and before going to sleep. Sometimes when I talk a walk I try to meditate then as well.
Evangelia X.
Best times are in the morning when we wake up and evening before sleep. But, we can meditate whenever we need and find a quiet place.
Alex E.
Any time of day is a great time to meditate. That said, I always try to clear my mind morning, lunchtime, and before bed.