Where are some of your favorite places to mediate? Is it beneficial to mediate in your room, sitting up on your bed ?

Jeppe C.
I enjoy laying down in my bed and meditating with ear buds in. I have tight hips so crossing my legs sometimes is very uncomfortable. I feel rested yet also still alert even though I’m laying down. It’s good for yoga nidra – sleep based meditation.

Armando E.
I prefer to meditate sitting up either on the floor of a deep pile rug in my study or in my armchair. But anywhere really that I am comfortable.

Marie Z.
I have a few places I like. I will sit somewhere I can see sunlight on the floor on a yoga mat at home. Outside can be nice, directly on the grass, or bring a blanket. But most often I meditate at my desk at work because that's where I need to stop and take a breather the most.

Lory F.
I like to meditate in my own room, with the door closed. Sometimes I lie down on the bed and use the Fabulous body scan. Other times, I sit on a meditation cushion on the floor (the cushion is just the right balance between firm and giving because it’s filled with buckwheat; I got it on Amazon), and I use The Daily Calm.

Kelya Q.
My own room is my favourite place.. i love meditating on my bed. It helps me sleep well and also as i am meditating in room, it gives nice energies to room. I always feel good in theroom because of that.

Calvin J.
I prefer meditating in the morning in order to set the intention of the day and to have a right mind set for the whole day. That’s why I prefer meditating in my bedroom, after I open my window, to hear the nature.