How is it that you prefer to meditate? Specifically, what style/form of meditation(s) do you use and for how long?

Ana U.
my meditation preferences change depending on my mood and intentions, but i usually like guided meditation that raise my vibration, that make me feel grounded, joyful and at peace. i like to start my day with a meditation that gives me drive and joy for the day, and i like to end my evening with a meditation that makes me feel calm, present and in love with life. i usually meditate between 15 and 35 minutes
Marie Z.
I got Dean Sluyter's Natural Meditation book, and I'm working through it. My favorite so far is Meditating On Sensation — just sitting there and non-judgementally listening to the sounds around me. It relaxes me.
Mut N.
I am still learning to meditate, but so far, I find pranayama breathing very soothing and helpful. I like the sound of bells during the meditation to help mark the time.