Best way of meditation??

Aleu Q.
For me personally i can't do complete silence and i feel that's what most think when they think meditation. I listen to meditation music with affirmations for 10 mins in the morning while i just sit in that moment, eyes closed and only hearing the music and the positive words. Mind will wonder come back to that music and those words. That is fine to get lost for moment. It's more about being present not in the past or what should be done next. Just be in that moment. Slow, full belly breathes in and out your nose. Control that breathing pay attention to it. That's always a great quick mediation is to just only focus on your breathing and do those slow, full belly breathes in and out your nose and only think on that. At night i lay and fall asleep to meditation music no words and find some on youtube for sleeping or whatever i need to spend time focusing on, depression, anxiety, anger i fall asleep to those. The more you do it the more it becomes a habit and just happens.
Evelise T.
I think it depends on you, I know there are so many different ways to do so. I personally like to lay in my bed because that is when I feel most relaxed and just let go sometimes I even like to play some chill music on a medium volume