What is the best choice for loving yourself?

Andreas W.
I think it varies by person! Loving yourself means taking time to do something you enjoy. I like to remind myself of what I like about myself. Go for a walk.

Ma Wenn N.
I think this is very much a personal decision that will be different for everyone. In my own life, I had a point where I was struggling to understand the concept and felt like I was mostly going through the motions. I kept asking the same question, wanting to do the very best thing to get the results that so many others seemed to get so easily. I can't possibly know your story, but I can tell you the advice I was given at the time that helped me most. I was reminded that there is no best, so I should simply find ANY way of loving myself. One way soon leads to others and love is love. It's the act itself that matters, not the expression.

Joanne U.
Practicing being mindful and popping – and pulling away – from the nasty thoughts that drag us down.. And doing other little thought exercises and self-care acts and stuff!

Ortrud Y.
The best choice would be to learn to love yourself. Learning to love who you are and embrace your strengths and capabilitiesj is always beneficial. By loving yourself, you can learn to love others. If you have trouble finding a way to love yourself, seek help or think about about the things you do that make you, you.