What is meditation to you?

Yann A.
Meditation is to me a process that helps me become more aware of the chatter of my kind. It's a tool through which I can become more mindfull and present in every moment
Brandy C.
Meditation is a headspace in which I could relax. For the 12 minutes in which I meditate a day, I don’t have to think about all the problems that I have to deal with. All I focus on is relaxing. I’m not very good at it, but I hope with time I can get better and it can help me manage my anxiety 🥰
Angelina Y.
Meditation is a time to disconnect from what’s around me and instead find a calming space. It gives me energy and allows me to sometimes calm down from stressful events.
H Lo Se O.
For me, meditating is just sitting quietly. Letting my body be still even if my mind is running. Taking note of the things running in my mind (or not running through my mind) taking notice of how I’m feeling in the moment and just relaxing into it.
Marie Q.
meditation is getting perspective on life and the things that are happening around me the things I’m doing, the things I’m thinking, the way I’m seeing the world. It’s time to put down a load of stuff that clutters my view of myself or others. It’s time to see that everything matters and also nothing matters
It’s time when I’m slow enough to face my fears I have a good look at them and turn them over in my hand.
Danny P.
Meditation to me is a chance to breathe, think, and reflect but also take a step back to focus on yourself in this journey called life.
Silje W.
Personally I prefer guided meditations. So to me, it's sitting quietly and listening to a guided meditation, paying attention to the inspiring words and getting pumped up for my day.
Alexandra Y.
It's a tool used to learn how to deal with though. To acknowledge and be aware of thoughts without reacting or attaching to them. Thus increasing awareness, concentration and the ability to make better decisions.
Shannon J.
Life can be a meditation when you live it mindfully by staying aware of your surroundings in the present moment and working to make conscious decisions with everything you do.

A great way to build a meditation practice is to start with regular sittings where you focus on the breath. Count with a 1:2 ratio of breathing in and out (i.e. 4 seconds in, 8 seconds out).

Meditation hack: when focused on accurately counting the breath, you will find that it is impossible to think about anything else and it is much easier to let go of outside stress.

You can then start by filling that void with thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness; eventually you will be able to think of less and less in order to just be present in the moment with a sense of gratitude.

Marin O.
Meditation is about making time in my day declutter the mind. To push pause. It gives me a moment where I don't stress about things I should have done or still need to do. It helps give my mind break.
Rosie Z.
A calming feeling, it’s my relaxation in the morning before I get ready to tackle all my tasks for the day. Mediation is medicine to make me feel ready and rejuvenated
Oscar G.
Meditation to me is taking the time to sit, close my eyes, relax, focus on my breathing, and be aware of my presence and any thoughts going through my head.
Carol G.
Meditation is the moment of the day where I can clean myself. I’m full of traumas from the past and also the daily day to day life sometimes builds up some trash into my system and throughout meditation I’m able to reconnect let it go. Slow and steady that’s my mantra! Meditation is my medicine
Ella I.
I sit in a quiet place and focus on my breath. That’s it. I allow myself to go for as long or as short as I want so that I don’t feel the pressure to do it perfectly.
Bruce U.
Meditation is time for me to really listen to the thoughts that run thtough my mind and allow them to have a moment as I let it pass and the next thought to flow past my consciousness. I listen to everything but hang on to nothing. Eventually the thoughts slow and I am left in peace.
Rafael P.
Meditation is a very effective practice that can be used for so many different areas: self-improvement, focus, relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, mindfulness, and sleep….just to name a few.
Arianna R.
Meditation is the process of observing the thoughts that arise with engaging in them, being in the present, understanding and observing what I’m thinking.
Daisy T.
Getting centred and grounded by going inside to get outside my thinking and breathing deeply. Or it can be putting away the dishes and walking mindfully through a forest!
Meditation is a vast concept
Cariza E.
To me meditating is a mindful breathing exercise. My mind wonders a little but I think by refocusing every time I lose focus I think it might help develop focus and discipline among whatever other benefits it offers.
Grace Z.
The meditation taught me how to sleep free from my daily thoughts. The meditation makes my body calm because it really acts on the pace of my breath.
William Z.
For me meditation is finding that space were you are comfortable and can empty your mind. Sitting in silence doesn’t work for me so I use soothing music which takes me to my “safe space” at first I focus on the lyrics but eventually my mind just calms on its own and my mind is empty my breathing matches the music and I just simply feel at peace. I really hope this helps 😊🙏🏾
Logan P.
Meditation to me is a way to handle life and the stress that comes with it in a constructive manner. I have many forms of meditations that cover a wide variety and allow me to conform my meditations to my specific need in that moment. For example, a stress reliving meditation is far different from a energizing meditation.
Al Tio Y.
Well, meditation is a way to relax my mind and seeing a problem, a question, an opportunity, a situation for a different perspective: a more calm, observant, open-minded one. It also helps you to diminish your stress, look for other possibilities, and in general benefit your overall health
Keith J.
I have downloaded an app. Two apps to be fair: Calm and Simple Habit. They all have subscriptions but I stayed on a free version. I use Calm when I can’t listen to a guidance. So I just use “timed meditation” offline section. When I can listen though, I prefer simple habit. It has 5-minute meditation practices for almost any occasion. Really helps.
Bertram E.
A way to get away, feel like you can breath again and relax all of your muscles and let the stress melt from your body. You own personal place of peace you can visit any time you need to to realign and find equilibrium again. Meditation is feeling love, fogivness, seeing what truely matters.