How to stay motivate and with passion in your daily work?

Greg P.
I struggled for quite a long time with procrastination and a lack of personal accountability. The way I stay motivated now is to reflect back on how much worse I used to feel and how much better my life has been going since I started using the fabulous app.
Gavin U.
Easy I always look at the outcome and what it will do for me it is as simple as that. If I worry about the process and how long it will take I will have no motivation to start anything so I think of the end results and how worth it, it really is !!!
Eli U.
Build small goal for a week. Or even a day. Once you complete the goal it will give you happiness. And that will keep you motivated. Goals can be small. For example writing a mail. Writing a mail is an art and science. You need to contemplate what reaction you want that mail to achieve. Dedicate some time to it.send the mail to some person whom you want to make up with. And see the reaction mail. The reaction may not come immediately. But you may observe the change. Even if doesn't it will give you satisfaction that you tried and in the process you learned something which helped you in art and science of writing a mail.
Margarida Z.
Find work that motivates and inspires you. Easier said than done, no doubt. And even in your “dream” job scenario duldrums will set in. When that happens don’t be afraid to step back if you can. Remember why your do the work you do. Remember the times you’ve loved it.

And if it’s just a job your doing to make a living – remember that too. You’re making a living. It’s helping you “get by”. Ideally money isn’t the only motivator in ones profession, but it isn’t a bad one either. That money buys you the time to do the other things that do motivate and drive you.

Lilou T.
I tell my challenge to my husband and ask him to support me. It is not a big deal for him whether you set some alignment with your beloved one and request for a reminder or motivation. He keeps reminding me the challenges and shares his thought of how these new habits are helpful for my health. Also, he prepares water bottle if I forget, wakes me up to follow the routine of drinking water, drives me to supermarket for breakfast ingredients, etc.
Having one beside you and encouraging you are my tips to keep the new and good habits with Fabulous.