I am very easily distracted. I am working on doing five minute meditation sessions, but I’d like to move to longer sessions soon. Do you have any tips?

Toni J.
Yes! Download the Insight Timer app. It’s brilliant and completely free. It allows you to choose from over 8000 different guided meditations – all different subjects and timings. Try it!
Morgan E.
Use guided meditations that are easily found on YouTube. Trying to do it myself, my mind would wander. Jason Stephenson is brilliant!
Holm X.
Yes, take your time. You'll move to longer meditation sessions naturally, when your conscious *and* subconscious selves are ready.
P Ricles E.
Good job for sticking to 5 minute meditations! What helped me to move to longer meditations is finding the right technique. There is a technique called '' noting'', Google it maybe and try to find a meditation with that technique and explore yourself different approaches. Good luck!
Liva W.
Hello. I know for me I can get distracted easily too. My input is to do what you're comfortable with and don't move your practice too drastically forward. It may also help for the next couple of sessions to keep a journal of how distracted you felt before the session and after in a way that makes it easy for you to see the effect and also what was triggering the distraction maybe a thought or something in the environment. If you find that thoughts are causing you yo be distracted, something in your body or your environment then you can make necessary arrangements so that the root of your distraction is handled and you can adjust your meditation accordingly. You can also increase your time slightly and see how that goes and keep a record of what worked for you and what didn't. But always keep in mind that the process is part of the practice and not just the means to an end result. Keep on being Fabulous ❤️
Sophie A.
It's very easy to feel distracted during meditation. When I started, it was a challenge for me. With time, I have learnt to overcome this by smoothly letting go of distracting thoughts followed by taking a deep breath and beginning to inhale and exhale again
Pedro Y.
Just take your time and go as you feel. Maybe add 10 seconds each time you meditate and it will add up in no time. I get distracted very easily as well and I just try to focus on my breath whenever it happens. Even though it can be kind of stressful. But I guess it's a work in progress 🙂