What helps you stay focused?

Victor F.
Some times a peaceful place is enough to get my focus.But most of the times I get distracted by some thoughts worst thing is most of them are negative , overthinking thouughts.
Emmi R.
For every person is different..! Sometimes what I do is to create a nice friendly environment before I start working . Like cleaning a little bit , open the windows for fresh air or lightning a candle for a nice smell . Maybe you can have snacks next to you and also water to keep you hydrated or a cup of coffee for an energy boost . Maybe instrumental music will be helpful or finding a person working next to you helps to keep you going .
Andi N.
Listening to music, but if I do not have access to my headphones I start a concert in my head. Music keeps me grounded, so if I don’t have any music going on around me or in my head, then I’m likely to zone out.
Taexbae N.
Start small, small habitual habits will become autopilot and you won’t have to think about them, so it leaves you more brain space to pick up bigger habits. Drink water each morning you wake up, 16 ounces, eat a balanced breakfast, and write in your journal each morning. If you don’t have one, get one, it’s very good to track your thoughts and goals by the days so you can track your improvement and be engaged with yourself.
Susanna O.
What helps me to stay focused is my personality. I do have slip ups however I don’t dwell on them. I learn from my slip ups. I’m kind and compassionate to myself. I show compassion to my self as well as trying some tenderness! After having parenting that was always about my mother displaying her power and violence. I know it’s about time my inner child was given some genuine respect, kindness, support and love.
Jill G.
I think that what helps me has a lot to do with my motivation to do something. Thus, if I really have a goal I will most likely keep that in mind and stay focused. On the more practical side, I find that an organized and clean studying space is very helpful to have.