Do you find seated meditation harder than laying down?

Kristin F.
Yes I do! I’ve been trying to build my endurance by beginning meditation seated, but if it gets uncomfortable/distracting, I lay down and complete the meditation. I seem to be gradually staying seated longer. Good luck!
Malthe Z.
Not necessarily. Each position has it's "use" for me. When I am meditating for sleep, lying down is certainly the best and easiest way to fulfull that necessity. But when I am meditating for relaxing, calming down, releaving stress and anxiety, sitting can can help me stay awake and focused
Faith Q.
not big of a difference though laying down is more comfortable and kind of smoother to meditate with whereas seated requires some strength/work
James F.
I prefer seated. For me it helps to keep focused on the breath, i find that when laying down i tend to drift more towards sleep
Mikkel U.
Yes I find seated mediation harder than laying down. I find I can't concentrate on clearing my mind because I'm so focused on keeping my posture that I can never truly relax
Hannah F.
I prefer seated meditation to laying down. The main reason is because it keeps me from falling asleep. However, I also use a meditation pyramid during my meditation sessions and even though it’s large enough for me to lay down in, I like sitting with my head near the peak of the pyramid. If you’re interested, research copper meditation pyramids to learn more. 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏼
Fabishtastic N.
Well , it is helpful for me to stay awke . Because while lying done although I get more relaxed but there are high chances I'll doze off
Jamie J.
I have joint issues and seated meditation systematically ends with creaky joints. Laying down for a body scan is where it's at for me.
Stephanie O.
Not always. I think it depends on how busy my surroundings are and if I’m meditating for sleep/wind down or for focus/clarity. If it is the latter, sitting is easier for me than lying down.
If I am winding down for the night, laying down is easiest.

However, there are times when laying down has been the preferred experience, even during the day with a busier environment. (More noise or light)

Eva P.
Yes, but it is also more effective on the energy level, so it is worth the effort. It is important to have a solid base. If you sit on a cushion, you should be able to also place your knees on the floor or the mat. That way you will have a better chance to have your hip tilted the right way to actually have the spine more free. Then it will be more likely to find into physical ease when sitting. Otherwise using a chair I’d fine too. Front of the chair, both feet on the ground will also give you a good position.
Jessi Z.
I usually meditate sitting up, since I meditate right in the morning and I am still a bit sleepy. If I would lay down while meditating I'd probably end up even more sleepy. But you can try it for a few days laying down and then a few days sitting up and see for yourself what works best for you. 🤗
Anke P.
This is something that definitely differs from person to person. I like sitting when I meditate because I focus more on the meditation and my mind doesn't wander as easily.
Rosalva C.
Yes, It helps! I’m grateful, happy and growing in different ways. New habits, good habits and I see life in a positive way, different way. I feel like I’m in love with my self again.😊🤗🥰
Ron T.
Yes, laying down I feel more relaxed and can not worry about anything else, such as pain or discomfort. I can listen to the voice and breathe with no issues.
Sheila E.
Seated meditation requires more effort if I'm at home sitting on my bed. But it is a good habit since I feel like I can meditate anywhere I would be sitting, like at work, in the Uber, on the tram etc.
Tracy E.
I prefer seated meditation over lying down. I use guided meditations frequently using headphones that don’t feel comfortable lying down.