Why does it take so long for me to relax? I feel like I barely meditate, as I drift off and start worrying about other things

Eli I.
Try to write down on a paper your worries and then meditate, leave your worries for tomorrow, make a list and break them in small peaces.
Jennifer O.
The point about meditation is to clear your mind. I heard somewhere we have like a monkey mind, always thinking because we’re always connected to devices. It’s really like a exercise for the brain which is why I would recommend going with guided meditation. You can focus on the speaker, listen to what they’re saying and they can kind of pull you back from wherever your mind went. It’s hard, but everyday makes you a little better at it if you keep going.
Maik E.
That's completely normal. Whenever that happens, just bring your attention back to the breathing and/or the guiding voice.
Dylan S.
Because we are used to a life lived fast, reaching out instead of inside ourselves. Finding the peace to focus fully while meditating. Or rather. Relaxing and opening up fully it takes a lot of practice.
Ana P.
I'm no expert, but the thing is to accept that your mind will drift off. Again, and again, and again. At some point each time you will eventually notice that you have drifted, and bring your focus back. Every time you drift, notice, refocus, you are slowly tuning your mind. This is what you are practicing when meditating… not so much the staying focused, but the noticing you've drifted, and the refocusing back to the present moment.
Your mind, by drifting, is giving you the opportunities that are necessary to notice that you've drifted; without those, you couldn't practice the noticing and practice the returning of your focus.
Rajat X.
If you've noticed that you drift off and start to worry, that means the meditation is working :D. No need to believe you've failed or anything it's all part of the process. Once you've fealsoed you've drifted off just be compassionate towards yourself and gently bring your focus back to your meditation.
Elijah E.
And I worry about these things because of anxiety, it tends to get a hold of me , and when it does it takes me for a long drive
Daniel C.
I think that for me is so hard to relax because i am a little bit stressed about school and my family about my friends and that i don’t have time for myself.
Ethan Z.
I'm not sure. I know that a meditation that works for me when I have many thoughts is the noting technique. Where you note the thoughts instead of trying to completely eliminate them. So when those worrying thoughts pop up just note them as thought. Try looking up the Noting Technique or Mental Noting. You could also try writing those worries down to get them out of your head before going to sleep. Wishing you all the best!
Mira C.
I had to learn how to be selfish to start relaxing.

Taking time out for yours to do things that make you happy and content.

It’s not until you learn to take out time for yourself without guilt, will you be able to truly relax.

Shut out the world and Read a book, lock yourself in your room and try out the new makeup you bought, learn a new recipe. Enjoy being alone.

Listen to to music for hours, let go of time, lose your self in your thoughts…..claim your life back.

Rosalva C.
I think that is very normal, I learned that every time that happens and you return your attention to your breathing again your mind is getting stronger. It’s ok, just don’t give up. Keep it up 👍