Is there a wrong way to meditate?

Simara E.
Yes. Meditation is about letting go. Trying too hard to calm your mind will only have the opposite effect. Let the voices in your head fade away on their own.
Jennifer A.
No, the practice itself is what meditation is about. Every time you notice your mind has drift off you just go back to your object of focus. Again and again.
Laura B.
I don’t think so. Once your relaxed and at peace, your nailing it. I heard last week it’s a good idea to sit in a chair while doing so but I do it laying down most of the time. The most important thing I think is that your calm and enjoying yourself.
Signe C.
I am no expert but I think that chasing thoughts when meditating is no good. We just need to observe the thoughts and let them go. Personally I have a very good experience with intro to meditation by headspace. Good luck!
Alexa G.
Not wrong, just unskillful. Is there a wrong way to play tennis or learn a language? Meditation is a skill that evolves. The only wrong way is to stress and push too hard. Keep it simple and easy.
Sohan O.
Although not wrong, playing music or a movie in the background while meditating can be counterproductive. But even that can be just an extra challenge for some. Sometimes you have no choice but to meditate in a noisy and distracting environment, and it’s not wrong to do so. It might give you a new perspective on your own thoughts and you might learn something, even if trying to be present in such an environment can be very frustrating.
Alvin X.
As long as you are trying and putting off time, thats a step in the right direction. Judging yourself for not staying focused is something that often happens in the beginning of your journey, but is something that makes it harder to stick to. As soon as you start to let go of these feelings, you'll start to gain much more and will be able to reap the benefits of the practice.
Dustin F.
No there is. We are so busy, we are living in a frustrating world, so if we can manage to find some peace to mediate during the day.. even if we can’t be present all the time, it’s good enough.