When meditating, is it normal for your mind to wander? If so, how can you prevent this from happening?

Laura Y.
Yes my mind wanders quite a lot, but as soon as I am aware of it, I try to focus on my breathing, sitting position and other body awareness again.
Angie O.
Thats what the mind does. Meditation is about getting to know your mind not about controlling it or avoiding anything appearing in your consciousness. But concentration can increase as a result of meditation and so can your habitual reactions to certain thiughts or emotions. Try start with just noticing when your mind wander and the physical sensations in your body associated with certain themes of thoughts. Then try to return to your breath and observe what happens to the thought you just had. Keep doing that for ex 10 min straight at least once a day for some days and see what yiu start to notice about your mind. I can highly recommend the guided meditations in Sam Harris Waking Up meditation app. They are excellent as a guide to the exploration of the exact topic you mention. Good luck.
Susan E.
Why you want to prevent it ? It is normal to wander off. But the thing is when u wander off then immediately come to your focus gently with calm. The time you are wandering is not a problem but remaining wandered off is. Get To Ur Focus 100 Times If U Drift 100 Times. Hope this Helps.
Tiffany Y.
It is normal for your mind to wander. Instead of trying to stop the thoughts, when they occur, try just to notice the thought by saying "thinking" to yourself. Then, let the thought pass. It's totally fine to end up saying "thinking" a ton.
Leo W.
I try to meditate 😁 but I’m not that good at it
My mind wanders and I’m still trying.
I thought (meditation isn’t my thing) and it’s hard to except that because I want the benefit people found in it.So I am still trying 🙂
The important thing for me is to breathe deeply
It really helps.
Julie P.
Let it wander a bit. Then come back to concentrating on your breath. Do as many times as it wander. With practice you will find your mind wandering a little less during meditation.
Dylan Q.
Yes, it is perfectly normal for your mind to wander. In our daily life we want to achieve many things and complete loads of tasks. Therefore, our mind is spinning around, trying to get control of everything. Do not hook up on thoughts. Let them just be. Observe and let them float away. Remember, your mind is just a tool, it can not control you. You are the Master. Continue meditating and you will get powers to silence your mind. Keep up!
Ulda S.
Yes it’s quite normal for your mind to wander, the main aim of meditation is to cultivate knowing that it has wandered and learning to bring it back to the breath, focus as much as you can on the breathing and every time you notice your lost in thoughts simply say to your self okay let’s step back from this thought/feeling/emotion and focus back on the breathing. Our minds are a little like a puppy, when we sit to quiet the mind our brains bring us all kinds of things some of which we want and sone of which we don’t. Just like a puppy we need to patiently train our brains to increase our focus.
Alex O.
It is normal that yout mind wanders, I think that it’s the matter of practice to stop it, or at least make it less often 🙂
Thomas E.
You don't prevent it from happening. That's the whole point. When you become aware that you're mind is wandering, you take note and come back to the present. The more your mind wanders, the practice you actually get off bringing your mind to the present.
Enzo E.
It is perfectly normal for your mind to wander during meditation. Some days I fight it and fight it and my mind still wanders. Other days I can finish a 30 minute session without wandering thoughts. Those hard days, when you’re really trying but can’t always keep your thoughts in check, are like a hard workout for your brain. It does get easier with practice, just keep on trying and you’re sure to see progress in the long term.
Patsy P.
It’s completely normal: our minds have evolved to constantly fetch ideas and bring them to us. Meditation helps us learn how to put our minds’ natural oscillations in context and reorient ourselves away from their turbulence.
Nicole E.
Totally normal. Don't try to stop. Observe it without judgement or participation. Alternatively, you can return to the breath or a mantra/sound/affirmation you repeat silently or aloud. Even seasoned mediators have bad days. Be patient
Bertha O.
My mind is still wandering, some days more than other days. I just accept my thoughts and try to take long deep breathe, focus on the noise of the breath to come back
Evan Z.
It's completely normal wandering while meditating. Instead of trying to prevent it from happening, when you are realizing this is the case, use a method called 'noting': identify it, except it, and move on.
Theres C.
Yes but bring your thoughts back to breathing. I do this with my mantra say IN when I breath in, say OUT when I breathe out.
Lena T.
It os normal for the mind to wander at all times, controlling the flow of thoughts and mastering the zoning in of one is the whole reaso of meditating. When my mind sleipa away I tend to immediately start counting my breathe and concentrate on the words being spoken to me once again. I'm new to the meditation thong but each time it gets easier to do.
Craig X.
I think that the beginning is hard so I accept it that my meditations are not ideal. So if I start to think about sth else I realise that and change that. Every time and then focus on meditation
Lvia G.
It is normal for the mind to wander. Trying to avoid the mind from wandering doesn’t make you more mindful but prevents us from fully being able to meditate. When the mind wanders, acknowledge it then get back to the breath .
Margaux G.
Wandering is a part of the meditation process. It is normal for your mind to wander during meditation and it brings your attention back to your meditation every time you notice it .
Allen J.
Yes it is normal. That's perfect. When you notice your mind wander, bring your focus back to your breath, your mantra. Keep bringing it back. Don't push your mind too much, let it flow. Some days there will be a lot of chatter. Let it flow.
Ava T.
It’s completely normal. it’s probably always going to happen to some extent, at least when you’re starting out. The important thing is to notice your mind has wandered and bring your attention back without building frustration or anger at yourself. just notice, accept, maybe laugh a bit, and come back to the object of focus.
Sasha E.
Yes…it happens to me all the time. I have found that the longer i meditate though the easier i catch myself and return . Persevere!
Benjamin X.
It is perfectly normal for your mind to wander off. It is an opportunity for your meditating training, as the wandering off is just something else you can observe, let be, without running after it.

Recognizing that your mind has wandered off usually does the trick.

D Lio F.
I don’t think it’s that easy to avoid it, the brain works it’s magic all the time. You just have to be aware of it and try to accept it and then let the thought pass.
Owen T.
My mind is constantly wondering. I have ADHD and it never stops. I just picture my thoughts as cars driving past where I am, no need to be judged or given attention too. When I do find myself wondering, I stop, and without judging myself, send that car on its way and get refocused on my breathing
Melissa Y.
It's perfectly normal for your mind to wander. When that happens you just need to focus on your breathing and you'll be back on track to relaxation. You just have to analyze what your brain thinks about and not overthink it too much.
Roy Z.
It is normal for your mind to wander. It’s human. Don’t spend time judging or scolding yourself. The practice comes when we simply return our minds back to the breath when it strays. Over and over again. It should get easier to quiet your mind with practice.
Nellie F.
Yes and in my experience, no. Mindfulness meditation helps us deal with our minds wandering, the point is to not get too caught up in our thoughts and catch ourselves when we realise that we have and to put our focus back to the activity. (I use Headspace.)
Luke U.
I think that it’s normal if your mind wonders when you’re meditating, because you find time to let your mind to do what it wants right now.
T Ssia N.
No you don't accept the thought and thank it then return to your breath if u find the thought returns gently thank it and return to the breath.
Mathias T.
completely normal. so don't worry about it. that's how the brain works. it thinks. what you can do is simply notice that you're thinking and focus back on your meditation. focus on how your body feels with each breath. focus on the sounds and silence. but don't think about what's happening. don't try to make a story with those sounds. just notice.