I’m having trouble with running out of time at the end of the night to practice meditation. I either stay up later to do it or I miss it and go to bed on time. Any advice?

Ben E.
Try doing a meditation for sleep if you haven’t, there’s a lot of great apps for it. I like Calm and Headspace. If your body is still and your mind is calm you’ll get almost as much rest as if you were asleep anyway.
Suzanne E.
I also had a same problem but meditation could be only 5min each day. So you can just meditate while in bed to sleep. Meditation even can help you sleep better and relax you so just do it before sleep for 5mins.
El Onore A.
I’ve been having trouble with this as well

Only thing I can think of and what will try to do is schedule my evening meditation earlier and/or at least try the night time mental “thought exercise” feature in the Fabulous App under the meditation exercises section.

Louisa P.
Mornings. Mornings are a wonderful time to meditate. They prepare you for the day and start of with a positive. Ending the day in meditation isn’t a bad idea either. But I find starting off with peace usually helps me through my day. So maybe try switching the times?
Jeremiah E.
Try fitting your meditation into your morning routine, even if it means getting up earlier. OR – tell everyone at home you need 15 minutes to yourself when you get back from work. HTH.
Sammy P.
I usually have that problem too. So I meditate while laying down in bed, preparing to sleep, so I meditate but I don't feel tired.
Valgi Q.
Hi! I've had those problems as well, but my go to practice is to put something unusual on my bed! That says "I haven't done something" like a cup, or a hat, or anything that you have.
Alfred U.
My advice to you would be to set an alarm for the time you want to start the meditation. Lets say 9:00, at 9:00 you would stop whatever youre doing if you can and just practice the meditation. This way you could either go to be afterwards or continue doing what youre doing and then go to sleep.
Shane N.
You could try setting up an alarm on your phone 10-15 earlier than your evening routine to get you there on time. Try the bedtime alarm in iPhone if you have one, I’m sure something similar is available in other phones too. Good luck!
Claudia F.
Best time to meditate is early morning in empty stomach, i.e., after your daily routines. Do breathing excercises (Pranayama) while travelling back home or after dinner for 10min at night. You don't have to transcend at night (anyway you will during sleep, lol).
M Rcio Q.
Hey there, sleep is the foundation of overall health so try to get to bed on time. That being said, a 3 or 5 minute meditation session is all you need at the end of the day. Consistent short meditations are far better then inconsistent long meditations.
Cl Mentine N.
I do my meditation in bed. You only have to do 5 mins a day for it to be effective. It relaxes me for sleep and helps me to let go if the days worries. It doesnt have to be a big commitment of time and ultimately you sleep better ( quality over quantity I say)
Desirre Y.
I would suggest waking up and starting your day a little earlier to fill that time at the end of the day. And also another way to do the meditation could be during the time you dedicate for lunch like before or after it.
Susanna N.
maybe set the notification for a little earlier and start meditation earlier. im having the same issue. but i think it will help to start it earlier and if anything then yes staying up later to get it done is okay just make sure you are well rested.
Jackson P.
For me, the culprit of not meditating is often social media use, watching show or beingdistracted on my phone. Even if you do it throughout the day, it overall gives you less time to meditate at the end of the night because it adds up. Try to cut it, or at least limit the time you use it. If it’s not that, you may be trying to do too much in a day, so focus on your priorities only and move the rest to tomorrow.
Alice T.
I suggest you make it a part of your morning routine instead. It is more efficient. Right when you are awake, sit up and meditate. It’s really a great way to start your day, being centered.
Tilde C.
You’ve asked the right person because I have very much the same issue. The intention is to practice mindfulness in the morning as part of my morning ritual. At best, I get to it at lunchtime or last thing at night.

Try to identify what, specifically, is preventing you from doing your meditation practice as intended, and work on that.

In any event, it’s an important part of every day. Doing it last thing is still doing it and should be celebrated! Xx

Marie W.
I always stay up later to do it. There is some research or suggestion that Meditation has more restful value than sleep (20 min/20min) and I find more positive sleep after meditation
Bob E.
You have to learn to plan your time properly and know when you're going to do it. Maybe slot in the time when you know you have that extra 5-10 mins.
Alison E.
You can always change how long you meditate, or even how you meditate. It is possible to achieve the same state of mind in more than just the traditional way. I write and pace more often than I sit. Sometimes I wash dishes when I do. My mom paints, and my brother does Sudoku. One of my grandmother's and some of my friends bake. My other grandmother and some of my cousin's play piano, or listen to specific music while they do menial things. It really all depends. If nothing else, you can always shorten the time to 5 or 10 minutes. Work it into your bedtime routine so that you still have time to do it before you sleep.
Inesa F.
Keeping the habit is more important and it may help you sleep faster and better. Try a shorter three to five minute session
Christopher U.
I have the same problem, so I do one of the 5 minute options (even if I'm not going to fit in much sleep on my schedule: 5 minutes might even help sleep quicker). Failing that get up 5 minutes earlier and do it when you wake up.
Caroline C.
Why don't you practice on early?
Wake up earlier and do the meditation? Drink water, go to toilet poo first, and go back to your room and start meditating.
Heinz O.
I would reduce the number of things you pack into your day sure if you analyse how you use your time you will find some time stealers that leave you with less time to focus on the things that really matter. That said, I wouldn't be too hard on myself, I would go to bed and try another Day.
Jenny E.
Move the alarm earlier so that it rings at an earlier time than it currently does, and when it goes off, stop whatever you’re doing and begin your evening transition. Remember you don’t have to finish what you’re doing before you pause and begin getting ready for sleep.
Gavin Q.
Like all habits it takes dedication and discipline. Don’t give up. One way to make it easier is to see if you can move some of the time consuming conflict tasks from the evening to other moments of the day. You might notice that they’re just not so important or you delayed them up to the evenings just so that you have reasons to avoid the meditation. Staying still and inspecting our thoughts can be hard hence sometimes we find ways to avoid it.
Aubin Z.
Just move your meditation to a different time of day when you’ll be more likely to do it. The point is to practice turning off your brain so you can use the skill on nights when it’s hard to do. 🙂
Hans Ulrich E.
I find that scheduling my meditation as close to when I fall asleep is the best way to do it. Then you have completed most everything else and will feel relaxed for a deep sleep. It only takes five to fifteen minutes to do, so if you let yourself have your regular bedtime routine separate from meditation, you won’t purposefully stay up later. Instead, right before you go to sleep, begin your meditation. This sleep-inducing activity will only take up about ten minutes and will probably help you go to sleep faster!

Sorry if this doesn’t help. Happy meditating!

Alison E.
Don’t worry I struggle with that too. For me I just try to think of it as part of my day not something I need to do in my day. So try take a little bit of time out of something else’s and use it for meditation. I really hope this helps. But just remember, if you do run out of time it’s okay, you’re only human.
Johnni O.
Finding the best time for meditation can be your solution. At the end of day, you are too tired and may not find time or may even fall asleep. You can do it I the morning, before you go to work. I used to do it after my daily walk in the nature. After all you can take your daily dose of meditation any time of the day that works for you. But before you go to sleep every night, do a short reflection, gratitude and breathing practice. That will help getting a better sleep.
Albert U.
I meditate in bed in the morning but you could just as easily get a big fluffy pillow and sit up in bed and meditate before you go to sleep, just for five minutes. No need to stress better to do what you can
Alison E.
Do you meditate in the morning? If not, see if you can build that habit first. Once you get familiar with the practice try to meditate in the evening around sundown to set into the night with a good meditation. Of course you can go ahead and jump into getting the evening meditation down, but building the morning meditation can help build that approach to your PM meditation. Best of luck!!
Suzanna O.
You may want to move that goal to your morning or afternoon routine. Meditation is too powerful a tool to neglect. It really makes a difference in my day.
Cory X.
Try to make time for at least a 5 minute meditation sometime close to bedtime. Maybe after dinner even. Try to make it a routine everyday even if you only have time for a quick breather.
El Sio F.
Find out what is really important to you, and eliminate the things that are not a priority. Once you do that then you will have room for what is important. I make a routine and time each task so I have an idea of how long it will take to get through my routine. If I find that my routine is too long, then I take out what isn’t necessary at that moment and schedule at a different time of the day or on a different day where I have more time to complete the task.
Rebecca U.
I had a similar problem, so I decided to my day with meditation. I like this better. It is a great way to ease into the day, and if I find I have enough time, I can get a second session in at night as a bonus!
Roswita Z.
If you have a job or your a student you could either change the time you could wake up 9 sleep 1 wake up 8 sleep at 12 waking up 7 sleeping 11 if you want to keep it up same times you could also come back home and eat on the way or at work/ school then come back and before starting your evening routine you could take melatonin to help you sleep better and if neither school nor work is the problem you could start your evening routine at 6
If you are over 21+ and drink/smoke regularly or don’t eat the right types of food that is also a contributing to your unhealthy sleep habit

Hope i helped



Jerry X.
Maybe logging in your time in the evening way before bed time to remind yourself what you will have time for during the last few hours of the day and move other to-dos 'til the next day to make sure your meditation is on schedule.