How do you keep habit of meditation going? What’s your inspiration?

Chris R.
First I will tell you what meditation is in my experience. Meditation is a quiet time at the beginning and possibly the end of your day when you simply relax your mind, and get your mind into a focused state. My inspiration to keep meditating is that I know I will be more productive if I do. It’s a mindset that took me a while to get into. I wake up and sit somewhere quiet, if it’s nice outside I’ll sit out there, maybe reading a book, and after about 15 to 20 minutes of just sitting and enjoying the quiet, and the peacefulness, I pull out my phone and start writing out the days goals. Meditation helps me to ease into my day, apposed to waking up late and just letting the day lead me where it wants to take me.
Mah I.
I imagine myself in an identical word a word full of light and joy
I spend my meditation time there
I make friends
I eat
I enjoy the very existence of all that exist
This imaginary world gives me the energy and hope that i need