When meditating should I do it in the same place every time or do it where it’s best?

Elia Y.
I think in the same place will give you a rutine that will help you to adjust the meditation but also doing it in different places will make you a pro meditator who can to it anyday and anytime, which is the best way. But do whatever makes you feel good about the progress.
Jeff E.
Do your meditation where it feels right for you. I always do it in the same place if I am in my home. But if outside, I choose a quiet place where I feel peaceful & positive.
Vita Y.
Same place it's better to build a habit due to environmental stimuli. If you're not tied to the same place (e.g. travelling), then stick to the same time. However, it's good to practice self-observation at any time, i.e. the ability of noticing your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. Self-observation is a basis for attention management, which is a prerequisite for meditation.
Jordan X.
I like to think that meditating in the same place every time builds a better habit. If you are able to reserve the spot only for meditation, it will create a better feel.
Kelly Z.
If at all possible try to do it in the same place every time. If your life is too crazy then do it where every and when ever it’s possible. But, meditating in the same space will create an energy of calm in that space and make it even easier to get into a meditative state. Again it’s not always possible and it’s better to meditate anywhere than to not do it at all, but if you can try dedicating a space to your meditation.