How do you motivate yourself to accomplish your habits when you’re busy?

Mahdieh C.
I'm a committed person and if I start something I won't give it up half-heartedly, so it doesn't matter if I'm motivated to do it or not I just do that, just try to be committed.But in order to be a committed person, you have to start with small, favorite things and then add the habits you need.
Stephanie N.
For drinking water each morning, I make sure to have some on my nightstand before I go to bed and drink some as soon as I wake up even if it’s just a sip. When I don’t have a lot of time or motivation to exercise I do something small like 25 squats so I’m at least doing something. To help with unplugging, I’ve changed the settings in my phone so all apps except for this one, medical ones, and calling/texting for only my parents and girlfriend are off from 9pm-7am so I’m not tempted to look at social media all night long.
Wally C.
I don't think it as a separate thing I include it into my ritual. And I don't look as a chore but embrace it because I know it will make me a better person in the long run