How do you cope with not being able to focus on your meditation, and not getting the feeling of “disconnecting from your body”?

Anne Z.
Breathe. Do not think. Just be aware of your thoughts, don’t judge them. Also pretend your friend is answering u so your not hard on yourself. Or listen to ambient music if u can mediate. Just switch up your task or mediation topic
Gharem F.
I count 1 to 5 and focus on counting. After that’s the only thing that I’m focusing on, I focus on my breathing, I start with deep breaths and then it turns into my regular breaths
Kartik F.
Somedays it's a breeze and sometimes it's a chore.stop focusing on the result,just be present and still.all you have to do is nothing I mean just sit still n that's it.focus on your breath and the key is just showing up for the practice everyday it will graduate into a better feeling every next day.meditation isn't a goal orientated is a process oriented task,the harder you try to get the feeling the more hard it becomes to achieve so just let loose n try meditating with relaxed mind.
Fatima W.
I kind of let myself drift away for a while, and then as soon as I think I’ve gone too far I’ll open my eyes to reset. I’ll think about what I’m listening to as I meditate, it helps somehow.
Aubree E.
Your focus will keep drifting away; it’s a constant recognition of the mind’s activity, so if you’re struggling to focus be aware of that and that still counts. In most meditation practices you settle your attention on your body, such as by observing your breathing, so no disconnection needed!
Corey N.
Keep practicing! Meditation isn’t about having perfect peace or perfectly quieting your thoughts. It’s about being super gentle with yourself and gently redirecting your thoughts to your breathing when you get distracted. Really there’s no wrong way to do it, so just remind yourself of that and don’t get down on yourself. Quieting your thoughts does get easier with practice, though!
Jenika J.
Guided meditations on YouTube really help, the guided hypnosis are great too if you're looking for out of body experiences
Jennifer P.
You should be trying to feel into your body, not disconnect from it. That should never happen. Repetition and practice is what will give you the benefits of meditation
Micaela T.
I either stop and take a moment and try again. Other times I would stop and try again the next day. It does get frustrating but I sometimes keep practicing until I’m able to fully disconnect and meditate.