What is your favourite time to meditate?

Anne P.
Before going to sleep: this is the time when daily issues don't occupy my mind and I can relax without feeling guilty about doing 'nothing'
Lina P.
Love doing it first thing in the morning. Also like it during breaks during the day, especially if I’m feeling overly stressed.
Snigdha C.
My favorite time to meditate is in the morning. Every morning gives a new beginning to a new day and new me so in my affirmations I can start fresh. I raised my frequency and it's like charging your battery for the soul. It gives me a kick to get through the whole day. I even meditate in the evening also. It's like your soul has done a lot of work during the day so your again charging the battery of your soul. Meditation has been very beneficial for me. I have started seeing life in a very different way.