Do you meditate while listening to music or in silence?

Tommy T.
I meditate with soft ambient music in the background. If it’s too quiet I find it even harder to relax and my mind wanders!

Marcus X.
I prefer to have a relaxing music in the background. It helps me focusing and avoid my mind wondering. Ludovico Einaudi is good try. 🙂

Amber C.
Not in silence, but not with music. I’ll have some bells or light sounds in the background. It helps me concentrate more

Ma L P.
I use guided meditation so there's first someone speaking in a calm tone and then it's followed by sounds of waves and wind and eventually silence

Monica S.
I usually listen to guided meditations. Mostly they are just voice but sometimes I listen to a session with music – it depends on the music. Too much or too intrusive doesn’t work for me. But occasionally I just listen to music selected for meditating which can make a nice change.

Tomothy O.
Usually in silence because I can't avoid paying attention to the music, and it distracts me from the breathing. However, if there is a lot of noise you can't control (like traffic) music can help you focus

Aubree G.
I am new to meditation so I use guided meditations. I have used the ones included in Fabulous app as well as other guided meditations from Youtube. Once I become comfortable with meditation I will probably use music, bells or nature sounds.

Katherine N.
Both I definitely try to focus on something and often use guided meditations at the very least a timer so I can relax into the moment not checking to see how long I’ve been “sitting”

Valentin Y.
Generally I meditate in silence, to limit distractions and be primarily with my the breath and body, letting thoughts come and go. That said, anything can be part of the meditation, any noises that arise are like a thought arising and then you let it go. It’s possible to just be with the music and then this becomes the primary focus. But this can be tricky, it’s easy to get caught up in the music and have attachments Or aversions that make things more complicated. So starting with being with the breath is simpler. And if it’s easier for you to start with a guided meditation that has music, that’s ok too. Or something very simple, or some people find listening to gongs or bells for awakening.

Loris C.
Bother actually… really depends on what I am meditating on or for that sways weither I meditate in silence or while listening to music.

Marliese S.
I’ve never tried meditating with music before, but I think I’ll give that a try! I have trouble meditating in silence because of all my thoughts.

Nina N.
I have meditated both in silence and with music. Sometimes meditating with music helps to relax me, but meditating in silence can be less distracting because then I can focus on what I am doing rather than whatever music I am listening to. If you meditate with music it is best to choose music without lyrics.

Freja C.
I meditate with this app where I can put a timer and melody and bells. The music is really relaxing and just sets the mood for meditation