Do you know whether meditating can help someone heal and recover from a concussion?

Arron O.
Meditation helps me a lot to deal with a loss of a beloved person. I know that without every day practise it would be necessary to take some pils instead..meditation is giving me a lot of Joy and I am happy when a bell rings to start a new session 🙂
Scott P.
I’m not entirely sure, but it certainly would hinder recovery.

I think meditation is not just good for mind, but our bodies need it too.

I’d try it, just start with 5 or 10 mins, focus on breath and so how you feel after 4 days or so.

Good luck in your recovery.😊

Lenny I.
I was sorry to read your question, and even sorrier that I can't help you.
I'm not a doctor or have any medical training. Please seek professional help and advice.
I do hope that you're able to find a satisfactory answer.
Thea Z.
I do not know if meditating can help someone recover from a concussion however if you connect with a holistic doctor (naturopathic) or an integrative physician (doctor using both modern medicine and alternative medicine) you may receive a very clear, useful, and practical answer.
Eggert F.
I know that meditation can aide in healing by lowering stress and blood pressure. With something tricky like a concussion, I would ask your doctor. It may help the body heal faster, and at the same time, concussions are a delicate thing that we don’t want to agitate.
Renata O.
Yes, practicing mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the recovery time for many patients healing from major physical traumas.