When is the best time to meditate, and for how long??

Martino I.
I’ve found that the morning is the best time for me to meditate. Before I get into the chaos of a daily commute, or the routine of the workday, or the expectations of second-shift at home, I take 15 minutes to ground myself and find a calm center where I can clear my mind and fortify for whatever lies ahead. It’s really helped me manage my feelings and mood.
Jessie Y.
The best time to meditate is before go to sleep and when you wake up (in the morning before you begin your day) and do it for a few minutes, 10 minutes or 12 minutes.
Leonard Z.
I meditate for 15 minutes in the morning as soon as I wake up. I meditate again in the mid afternoon hours before I get too sleepy. And I do a gratitude meditation at night before going to bed
Tony J.
I make it part of my morning routine before I even get dressed. Just ten minutes a day makes a difference. Once I get going on the day I tend to forget to make time for it.
Diane T.
Best time is before eating and before changing of Day. Ideal time for meditation is 15 mins…But you can start from 1 min and gradually increase.End of the day it is all about acheiving peace
Felicia T.
Most days I meditate first thing in the morning after I wake up. If I am short on time, I go for 10 minutes, or I just meditate after my yoga. If I have more time, I meditate for as long as it feels good, sometimes 30 or 40 minutes. I took me a very long time to work up to that amount, though.
Nicholas Z.
It’s a personal choice. I find early in the morning before anyone else is awake to be the best time for me. Any time you have to be alone and uninterrupted is good meditation time. The duration of your meditation session is less important than consistency. It is better to meditate for 5 minutes daily than to meditate an hour once a week. I would start with 5 minutes, then increase to 10. I find two sessions of 10 minutes daily is good for me!
Dietlind X.
I meditate immediately after I do a quick morning exercise (two rounds of the one minute routine). Depending on my schedule that day, I’ll do between 3-10 minutes. I’ve done quiet sitting and breathing, used the in-app meditations and YouTube.
Am S E.
It depends. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. It depends on your program and when you have that comfortable and quiet place for yourself.
Tanja X.
The best time to meditate is when you will be able to do it consistently. I used to try and meditate before bed, but would always make excuses(“I’m too tired“ or “I’ll try tomorrow”). But when I switched to first thing in the morning, I found it much easier to do every day. Experiment with different times in the day and figure out the time that is easiest to do consistently.
Nicole P.
Any time that fits into your schedule. Once it is a habit you will notice the timing that feels best to you. That is the best time. The length doesn’t matter, just do what you can as often as you can. The act of doing something for yourself is a greater payoff than spending hours at a time in a meditative state.
Flora Y.
I meditate in the morning after working out or after shower. Sometimes I add another session in the evening or before bed. But in the morning is the best moment so you are sure to get it done. I am just beginning so I meditate for 10-20 minutes maybe I ll increase the time late on
Guy Y.
I usually meditate in the morning after my yoga practice for about 10-15 minutes and before going to bed to cleanse my mind and body from everyday stress for 5-10 minutes.
If during the day I feel stressed or need to relax I do a quick breathing exercise.
Amanda T.
I do it twice a day: early morning before going to work and evening once I get home. In any case, I seem to be more concentrated in the morning when the mind is fresh. As for time: I started from 5 minutes moved to 10 and then 15. Moving to a new level may be tiring. For now 10 minutes seem the easiest
Isabella P.
Morning 15 to 30 minutes. Evening 40 to 50 minutes. Or you could trade the times. Longer in the mornine and shorter at night.
Elio E.
I generally meditate right when I get home from work for about 10 minutes and also when I go to bed for about 15 minutes.
Ashley E.
There is no specific time for meditation. You have to adjust it your busy schedule. I mainly do it after taking a cold bath and before going to bed at night.
Luc Ola P.
I've read that at least 12 mins at a stretch is a good enough time to meditate, but I started small (5 mins) and am still doing guided meditation than solely focussing on breath. I try to do it in the morning, just after waking up, or just before sleeping, but if that's not possible, I try my best to make up for missing it and getting at least one short session in the day
Alf J.
Morning meditation is how I start my day. Usually around 7:00. I also end my day with a comforting meditation. Both morning and night are about 20 minutes.
Abel E.
In reality, the best time is whenever you will actually do it. I tried first thing in the morning, but was too tired. Trying to do it just before bed never happened. So, I decided to try doing it after my workout cooldown, when I usually feel like sitting still for a little bit, but am alert enough to not fall asleep.

Just pick a time and try it for a week. If that time doesn’t work, pick a different one.

As for how long, I like to go by the CDC’s exercise recommendation of at least ten minutes to a meditation session, but I also worked my way up to that by starting with 5 and adding a minute every week.

Mathilde B.
In the morning or evening when you have a bit of time that you are unlikely to be distracted. 5-10 minutes works for me.
Ava Z.
I used to meditate in the morning after the shower, for around 15 min, but is helpful at any time and the length depends from you! The important thing is to do it every day!
Mathilde Z.
The best time and duration for your meditation entirely depends on you. It’s good to start off with short amounts of time, like 15 minutes a day and work your way up the more comfortable you get with until you do it for extensive amounts of time, because you want to. 🧘🏻‍♂️
Carol W.
For me the best time is when I need it. I fully recommend evening, because it usually means I’m free. On the other hand meditation is the most effective when you need it as I mentioned before. 💙
S L Na P.
I like to meditate last thing before going to sleep, after turning out my lights and dealing with anything else. I meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes, but it really depends how long it takes you to relax. I also suggest listening to a meditation track, nature sounds, or meditation music, which I love, to differentiate the habit for simply trying to fall asleep.
Liam F.
Depending if I have a lot of work to do it may differ from other nights but usually around 9:30 ish and for about 10 minutes
Ronald Q.
I personally love morning and when I can mid day and evening as well. I do 10 min every morning and whenever possible 10 more throughout the day. I find it best to do what is comfortable but stick to it even when I don’t want to do it. When I started it was 3 mins at a time and I’ve worked my way up into more as I’ve progressed!