What izs the purpose of meditation? except self awareness and living in present moment?

Nicolas Y.
the purpose of meditation is to calm your nervous system and achieve a real bodily rest in a short amount of time. and when we calm our nerves our brain calms as well resulting in more clarity and ease while thinking.
Ella P.
The purpose of meditation is to attain total concentration in everything (that you like to the most) or it helps to reduce negative thaughts and reduces anxiety,stress, etc.
Aur Lien P.
Meditating os more than just self awareness and loving in the present moment. Meditating changes your life, your entire lifestyle. You'll become a more calm, relaxed person. You will feel so mich better about yourself. You will make a lasting habit with meditation, that will do nothing but make your life better. Seriously, If I was only able to build two habits into my day, it would be exercise and MEDITATION. There is an app called Medito, that is completely free and can help you learn to meditate with free courses. It helped me a lot. I wish you luck on your journey!