It is right or not when we are meditating we should think about ourselves?

Ricky T.
What's right, what's wrong – that's not how meditation works. It's OK to think about ourselves, but it's better to focus on environment that you in now
Hadeel Q.
From what I know, it’s best to try and focus on your breathing mostly, and whenever you get distracted by a thought, try to bring your focus back to your breathing and your body
Sarah Z.
I think that while you are meditating, your attention should be more focused on your breath and the physical sensations around you, rather than think about yourself. You can create an intention for your day while you are meditating and meditate on it to commit to it. Meditation is about giving your mind a rest and that means to focus on other aspects of yourself and be present in the moment 🙂
Magdalena X.
I beleive in maditation we should stay focused on not getting involved in our thoughts, even if they arise. It is not time to think.
Ruth Y.
There’s no right or wrong with meditating, I think. As long as you are doing your best of being aware of what is going through your mind without it taking you away from you practice, it is fine. Maybe try a guided meditation, or some music.
Victor G.
yes when we are meditating we should think about ourselves because meditation is about finding your center and feeling calm and you need to reflect on yourself before you can start to meditate. You should have a goal when you start so when you finish you can see how much you have grown as a person from finding your inner peace. The only time throughout meditation that i think about someone other than myself is if they ask you to show gratitude to someone.