How can I master the one-minute meditation?

Jamie Z.
I don’t think mastering meditation works as a healthy goal.
I’ve found that trying to meditate is enough. Try giving yourself credit for entering into the process and look at not berating yourself for not reaching some intangible idea of perfection.
Everett T.
First of all, don't get frustrated. It takes a lot of repetition to master meditation, and you might not be seeing results right away. Give it time, and you will get better. Just keep an open mind, and try not to judge each meditation session.
Secondly, frequently people label sessions like, "oh, that was a good day," or, "well that didn't go well," but don't get caught up in grading your preformance. If at first you don't get it, do it again the next day, and the next next day, and all the days it take, each time with an open mind. No one is judging you except for yourself, so lay off. It is totally okay not to get it.
Lastly, focus. Meditation takes a lot of concentration, the end goal being to make you fully aware of your surroundings at all times. A helpful technique to get better at this might be to practice throughout the day. Pick one thing, anything, to focus on and fix your full attention on it. It could be a sound, a task, your breathing, the clouds, or really anything else. This will help you to be more mindful.