Should we do a meditation before sleep? And how?

Randall E.
In my opinion , it will be helpful to meditate before sleep. Meditation includes breath so it helps to focus our mind on it and so to relax our body from our daily thoughts and anxious. However this requires disconnect and unplug from everything ,which I definitely recommend it.
Lise C.
Yes! Why not? Listen to a sleep meditation from an app like Simple Habit or Calm or a Binaural Beat meditation. Or do a meditation with a silent mantra in your head while prone in your bed.
Thea Z.
I would not make the bed time my main meditation but good meditations to do in bed are body scan meditations or living kindness meditation
Jos U.
I personally really enjoy the head space app there are a number of meditation options and they also have sleep casts that are great for going to sleep.
Christoffer N.
Removing distractions and stopping activities that stimulate complex thinking improves sleep quality and duration. Meditation is certainly a way of doing that. If you wanted to try it, have a think about whether you’d want to be able to fall asleep while meditating and how you could do so without the risk of being disturbed during the night. Even a short meditation while seated in a darkened room will help slow your brain from Beta waves (thinking) into Alpha waves (relaxation), on its way to falling asleep. It’s better to consider it as a nice thing to do when you can, rather than you “should” do – the last thing you want is to feel stressed about going to sleep because you didn't get a chance to meditate! Sweet dreams 💫
Alexandra O.
I don’t know if this is a should you kinda thing. I will say I enjoy meditation before sleep puts me in a relaxed place I also try to meditate during the waking hours sitting up but if I don’t fit it in night time can be the perfect spot for a guided or just music I like to mix it up
Samuel W.
A body scan meditation may be good before sleep. It helps to analyze the emotions in the body that may not have been released yet.
Baptiste E.
I found it was the easiest time to make sure I actually did it! I had used guided meditations from the 10% app. I liked how it has a little tutorial video first. I could psych myself up for the quick video and it rolls right into the meditation. Often I’d find that I fall asleep before the end. I asked a big meditator friend of mine if I was still benefiting and she said that your subconscious is going through the motions (although she saiid it in a way that made more sense and sounded professional) so I say yes fine to meditate before going to sleep- aides in falling asleep and helpful in getting a habit started because at some point you’re going to go to bed! I have also found directly after exercise to be a really nice time for short breath meditation as I cool down. Good luck out there.
Edna O.
Yes we should meditate but you can do it at any time you want. I have a app called headspace that guides you through meditation.
Carlo E.
The best way that I like most is lie down on the bed. Focusing on the stomach rising and flat. With my hands on my stomach, I can place my attention to the movement of my stomach while breathing.
German U.
I think that is a way to start relax your mind before you go to bed. I do it with short sessions because long ones makes me fall sleep when I’m in bed.