What is the subtlest insight you’ve perceived about your thinking-mind while mediating?

Irmtraut E.
I was relaxing and tried thinking about positive things that happen with me during the day! That I finished some work, I went fitness, I drunk tea and coffee , I found telephone for school

Gerald J.
I guess i would have to reflect on understanding how far back into my memories the POWER has always been within me in some shape or form. Also that this life has presented me with abundance many times over! #DCBGrowth

April J.
My mind tends to start off by thinking about situations in my present life, then I tend to start back tracking to my day yesterday and what occurred. It will dwell on any memorable moments that happened yesterday. And finally, I’ll start thinking ahead of where I want to be in the future of my life.

Jessie B.
Hmmm…. I have been pondering over this question. I think I don’t really understand it?! When I meditate I late my thinking mind go and go into a state of just being. Into a state of feeling good. Being in the being. Letting go off all thoughts. But I guess there are lots of types of meditations.

Mathias Y.
I continue to allow less than optimal situations for myself, including but not limited to self sabotaging behavior because then, no one will expect better from me, since I'm already lacking and I can continue on this path of living in angst & lack..

Mae S.
That even though my mind wanders frequently, it is mostly just a replaying of my day. I don't consciously or subconsciously analyze or criticize my actions or words throughout the day. I just replay the things I have seen or experienced. Today I saw a GIF of the highlights of the movie the Blindside. When I was meditating, I thought about this gif and essentially just replayed it in my mind. When I realized my mind had wandered to it, I brought my thoughts back to the present and made a mental note to satisfy my thoughts and watch the blindside later.

Shannon N.
Long answers are boring. My simple answer is meditating helps you have very Intense focus that subconsciously becomes the theme behind your decisions for the rest of the day.
2. Helps you focus on the most important things in life, Whatever those important things are to you.

Mat O Y.
I’ve noticed the more meditation I do consistently the better I’m able to let the small noises not disturb me rather to take them in and be part of my surrounding practice

Alicia O.
That’s a really good question. I think I’m doing something wrong because I am almost always on the verge of falling asleep when I meditate, so maybe the subliminal message here

Jason T.
It’s a worried mind. I don’t remember the last time I’ve meditated and had drifted positive thoughts. There always seems to be something bothering me or it’s a mental image of me standing up for myself and against my mom. I need to start surrounding myself with positivity and inspiring thoughts of success and self confidence/self acceptance/self assurance.