I’m a meditation beginner and I found my mind was always distracted by some memories inside my brain whenever I try to focus on my breath’s inhales and exhales. I know it needs time to practice. However, I want to know if there are some meditation skills I missed or something I was doing incorrectly?

Pablo E.
The mind and its ability to focus is like a muscle and takes time to strengthen. Just as it takes repetition and time to be able to run 5 miles if you havent been running, it takes time for the mind to be able to hold focus if we haven't been working on that. That being said, the mind will always have thoughts come in during meditation even if you've been practicing for a long time. The thoughts will just become less frequent and easier to refocus from. As for skills to help manage the thoughts, some people find it helpful to utilize imagery such as placing the thoughts on leaves on a stream and letting them float by or imagining the thoughts as colored balloons and releasing them into the air.
Oscar F.
that happens a lot to me also, i like to play music to calm the mind and being able to focus on the music instead. You could also try a journal and writing all your emotions in that
Andrew L.
I've been meditating consecutively for almost 2 months now and I still get distracted. Please be patient. It is so difficult to not be distracted. That is why we spend most of our "free time" thinking about other things instead of being mindful of the present. Close your eyes, sit in a relaxing position, quiet down the environment and deliberately focus. Pretend your mind is a muscle and that you are pressing down on this thing called focus with your mind. Hold it there, don't let focus escape. Focus on your breath. Your mind will wander, wildly and furiously. Be forgiving of it and just bring it back to your breath. Focus again. Counting your breath keeps your mind away from other things. If you get distracted, restart your count. Try to achieve a high score for every meditation session and slowly you will be able to focus more than you are distracted in each meditation session. Remember, distraction is a part of meditation, don't force yourself against it, just let it be and stop it when you notice it. Wish you all the best with your future meditation sessions.