How does meditation help?

Sierra Y.
Meditation has helped a lot to calm my mind and relax my body. I have struggled with anxiety all my life and meditation always seem to help me cope. I guess meditation to me is my time to reflect and think logically because my anxiety and obsessive thoughts are calmed.
Megan Q.
Meditation help me because I have a time in my day to relax, and focus on me and my body. It has also helped me with being more present in my day to day life. It give me the time to just think feel and relax that I think everyone needs in there day.
August U.
Meditation has been really helpful in allowing me to be present in the current moment as opposed to worrying about the past or future. It really helps me manage my anxiety and work to reprogram my nervous system to be less vigilant and anxious. I use the free Tapping Solution app and it has been a great tool!
Lilian U.
For me, meditation helps to steady my breathing, which helps to me to stay calm. It further helps to let my mind wander through the things I did during the day, and settle down, so when I go to sleep, I don't have things which I have to think about, since I gave myself time to reflect during my meditation. This allows me to fall asleep quickly and have a good night's rest.
Samruddhi X.
Meditation helps us to calm our mind, improve focus and concentration, helps in self control and we feel much better and content
Kathryn E.
I usually meditate in the evening as it helps me sleep but it can help you calm down concentrate and just relax and take time for yourself I also meditate in the morning (if I have time) and I feel alot lighter and refreshed for the day 🙂
Andrea C.
Mediation make me feel better.It takes away my stress,worry and sadness.And I thank to fablous because you change my daily routine.
Dwayne O.
First of all there are many types of meditation. However the one I practise is called mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is about being present in the current moment and being aware of yourself, your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

For me, meditation helped me to better understand myself and my needs. It helped me understand who am I and showed to me what is really important for ME.

But most of all mindfulness meditation and practise of mindfulness in my life helped me appreciate my everyday life, thing and people around me. I basically started enjoying the most simple things, because I tried to find and explore the nature of them with curiosity.

I hoped I helped. Unfortunetly explaining meditation to someone is not as simple as explaining 1+1 because meditation is a journey on exploring YOURself and the world from YOUR perspective. And so I hope you will embark on that journey and find peace, love and potential that is already in you 🙂

Weirdo C.
Meditation is a personal thing. For some people, it's a must. For others, it doesn't work. For me, it helps me realize all the great things in my life and makes me feel more relaxed. Plus mediating before sleep helps me.
Asalee U.
It helps me a lot to become better thinker and I feel like being confidence enough and I felt like not to worry I can control my thinking