How do you remember to meditate when your routine is inconsistent? I’ve gotten into the habit of meditating at night, but I think I’d really benefit from meditation at some point during the day. I can’t seem to find a consistent point in time that works in my schedule. Which makes it hard to remember/implement.

Philip N.
Sit down alone in a room. Relax for a while. Think about your schedule realistically. Designate a time slot for meditation. It might be different for each day, that's fine. Think about a suitable place, think about possible interruptions and distractions – expect them and prepare your reaction in advance. Be honest. Be kind to yourself. Just sit down and do it.
Hans Adolf X.
I put morning meditation on my Fabulous app. That way I get an alarm reminder. Also, stationing a chair or propping up a cushion in positions for use in meditation helps remind you.
It's helpful to set the alarm to go off when your circadian rhythms make it easier to meditate.

Or maybe lengthen the evening meditation by a few minutes (no judgement if you can't) and then you can just do it once a day

Heidi Z.
I have a similar problem and have found I e really had to work hard to carve out the time. If I’m working. I’ll block off time in my diary and find a suitable spot.
It takes more effort but you can get into a routine.
Sofia Y.
I personally meditate as soon as I get up in the morning, no matter what time or what schedule for the day. Maybe you could try doing it straight after or before another habit? Like after you brush your teeth at night, after exercise or before coffee in the morning? 5-10 mins a day is perfectly fine
Jenny U.
I get up 15 minutes earlier to find time to meditate. I do it first thing in the morning it's part of my morning ritual. This works great for me.
Richard Y.
I meditate first thing in the morning when I wake up. It is usually quiet. And you have the most willpower to keep practicing your habits.
Jenny F.
Set an alarm, or multiple ones if needed. Take a moment once a week to look at your schedule for next week, like Sunday morning, and ajust the alarms accordingly. It takes some commitment, but it will create the desired situation.
Aziz E.
Personally, I meditate when first thing in the morning, after that whenever I feel overhwhelmed I meditate.. or if I forgot to do my morning meditation I meditate during the day, it’s only ten minutes so you can do it anywhere.. restaurant, taxi, in-front of your laptop..
Olivia A.
I think it helps to meditate in series with something else you know you will do every day e.g. meditate after waking up, or before eating lunch or when you arrive home
Leslie C.
Instead of scheduling your meditation at a specific time of day, you could schedule it after another activity that you always must do. For example, meditate after or before lunch – whenever that may be that day. If you don’t always eat lunch, try to find another thing that you are required to do almost every day.
Olivia E.
Attach it to another small habit.

Say if you eating breakfast or lunch practice it during or immediately after you eat.

Vito X.
Just do it first thing in the morning. It doesn't matter what time you wake up, just do it. I added my meditation habit right after "drink water". But before I met Fabulous, I had already been meditating everyday consistently just by doing it frist thing in the morning.
Nicolas Y.
This is exactly why I try to meditate in the morning before anything else comes up. It also starts my day well and usually sets a good tone and makes it better. The other good time I have found is lunchtime. It is such a good reset!
Garance E.
I find mediating during mornings most helpful. All you hve to do is wake up 10-15m earlier and this way you get to have the benefits of it during the way to work when you don't feel as motiviated. It really helps to reduce stres levels when you most need it. Also exercise session at work during the afternoon when you're tired and not motivated is another important part of de stressing
Va Se N.
For the first year I meditated always after the Sauna at the Gym, problem was if I didn't go to the Gym I might skip it. The second time it stuck because it was the first thing I'd do in the morning. So I used an app called Calm which has a nice design and is straight forward. I created the habit of meditation. But one thing you should learn from meditation it's not listening to someone talk on an app nor even taking 10 minutes but more a practice for the day. So each time you can tune in with that moment whether you are at a meeting and someone is making you feel uncomfortable and you need to tune in with those emotions, just do it, you'll zone out which is great, or be there but feeling compassion and understanding. Bottom line, practice anywhere, everywhere and you'll see that meditation is not only that moment that you have to think about, it becomes part of who you are.
Milton Z.
Hi! Do you commute from workn or other? I usually meditate when I get home from work, it is usually the first thing I do. If you can't do that maybe you can meditate in your way back home from work or other. I have tried it when my social anxiety is kicking in and I use my headphones to listen to a short guided meditation or music, you don't need to close your eyes, just look outside! Best!
Ruby O.
I'm the opposite. I find it more difficult to meditate at night cuz I'm too tired and rather watch something on the web/sleep. But in the morning, I have my alone time and try my best to drink water, exercise and meditate before any other activities.
Nathan P.
Sometimes it is better to meditate when time is available. Meditating while in bed helps to calm the mind and fall asleep. That is a win win.
Lia O.
Truthfully, I think you should set some kind of alarm for throughout the time – that way you are already setting a designated time within your day to meditate. Remember, change and habits come with small steps. So the fact that you are aligning your goals with a small action, you’ll get there. Don’t focus on making it a habit, focus on just doing it. Hope this helps. Much love and positivity.
Geert F.
I have the same problem and i use another app called insight timer to remind me to meditate for the time that i want its a great app for meditation .u can set up a daily reminder in your profile area.10/10 would recommend
Rose S.
Hi! I work from home so set a meditation routine for my lunch time.
Use a reminder like a bracelet you have to switch hands when you do it. It can become a ritual and a reminder.
Also try to find a friend or spouse that can do it with you. I have my son meditating with me now before we go to sleep.
Good luck!
Rene Q.
I don't always do my morning routine very first in the morning bc my schedule is inconsistent sometimes. The goal is to get it done before noon. The point is to have a set of activities that positively affect your life and center you.
Herminia E.
If all else fails on the time you should meditate, I always resort to doing it the first thing in the morning when I wake. That way, it's the first thing I do and never miss.
Oscar Z.
I meditate first thing in the morning, mostly, but there are days when the time either gets away from it I short on time. On those days meditation seems to be on my mind until I do. But this has happened only after months on Fabulous. Do you take lunch? Can you spend 5 minutes of your lunch time just sitting and breathing? Start small, find a small break in your day – lunchtime, bathroom break, waiting for the kids. Can you add 5 minutes or 3, and breath. If that time works after a week expand by 1 minute, then 2. Maybe it’s instead of your evening meditation, maybe in addition. Whatever works.
Rudolf F.
Maybe instead of basing your meditation on specific times, do it whenever you feel really stressed or overworked. Essentially, whenever you need to clear your head
Valdete A.
Hey girl hey! I understand your problem. It doesn’t take a long time to meditate. You could even sit in your
office cubicle chair and meditate. Hey! Your co-workers don’t even have to realize it when you have your earbuds in and you’re listening to white noise.
C Lestin Z.
I do it early morning when the rest are sleeping
Better to wake up earlier half an hour and have a time for meditation.
Nobody will bother or interrupt you
Corey F.
Put sticky notes in the place you often stay. If you are walking alot do a dot (or anything you wish) with the marker on the hand you use. Each time you see the dot or the sticky, you ll remember to meditate.
Ida C.
You can’t control what will happen throughout the day. Everyone has different things that pop up. Instead of looking for places to meditate mid day, try it during early morning. This way it can be part of your morning routine, a great way to start your day, and you won’t forget. If you absolutely want to meditate during the afternoon it’s okay if you don’t do it at the exact same time every day. What’s important is that you meditate after a specific habit, maybe it’s lunch, maybe it’s after you finish a daily task or some work. You don’t have to do it for long periods of time just a small place in your schedule when you will allow yourself to breathe.
Claudius X.
I use alerts to remind
me and meditate at least 3 times a day. I occasionally miss afternoon meditation but morning and evening are must
Omer Q.
Build it into your schedule. Book a meeting with yourself. Mark it as important. Book a meeting room at work for 15 minutes. Mark it in your calendar.

Do whatever you can to make it as important as the rest of your schedule.