How do you get back on track when you had a falling out and feel upset and frustrated?

Bernice O.
Always remind yourself to take one step at a time and the past does not reflect your future. Just because you didn't complete your routines today, yesterday, last week or for a while longer, does not mean you can't do it for the rest of today, tomorrow and the future. This goes for basically everything in life. Don't dread the past, and that includes yesterday!
Lance B.
You need to handle, process, and integrate that emotion. If you're feeling frustrated or upset now, DO (don't think, do) an activity that allows the mind to relax, such as a warm bath, a walk in fresh air, or meditation (if you're expert at that). Then relive the event that triggered that emotion as many times as needed in order to understand what caused that emotion in the first place. Awareness is often enough to reduce the power of the emotion on you. Last but not least, work to change in your life the causes of that event OR your reactions to it.
Domingos S.
First forget the falling out. It is done.
To get back on track just start with a small task or habit and build again from there. Otherwise you’ll be wasting the time worrying instead of starting and getting a new traction.
Kim P.
Do a breathing session for 5 minutes. Focusing on your breathing where you inhale for 3 counts, hold your breath for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts will take your mind off your falling out and ease your frustration.
Victoria F.
Remembering that I am able to complete tasks as long as I do not try to do them all at once. I need to breathe and know that when I stick my mind to something that anything is possible. It’s OK to have days where the only tasks you can complete are small but, you’re still accomplishing something.
Linda E.
I always fell off track and beat myself up for it. "Why can't I just do this?" That always ran through my mind and it just circled over and over until I made myself feel so bad I just quit. I realized my way of 'disciplining' myself was tearing me down so I thought, "would I hold another beginner to the same absurd standards?" Would I tear them down instead of encouraging them? I needed to show myself the same care that I would for someone else and realize it's ok to fall off because it happens. Forgive myself and start again because falling off doesn't mean the end. No matter how long it takes I can always start again.
Trisha J.
When I fall short on my goals I just remind myself that change doesn't happen in a week… that u can restart ur day anytime u want… and if it's possible maybe even restart with ur morning g goals if u can even if u cant check the box u can still accomplish a few lil things