Where do you meditate? What is your “setup” or environment like?

Sayda I.
Every day I like to read my devotional, so after this I light incense and I sit in bed in a meditation position, I get ready and so I can do it every day.
Lora J.
I choose nature or seaside every time I can, if I meditate at home I sit down and have little recharging music from YouTube.. But my absolute favourite meditation is in bed!! I put my meditation playlist and than I can fully relax without any worry and just fall asleep within it… Mornings always refreshed and energised. Worth trying! Good luck 👍
Inchara X.
In my bedroom, I open my balcony door, sit in front of it and meditate. It lets fresh air in. I always meditate early in the morning so there's no noise other than birds chirping.