I tend to break my routine on weekends as my routine is different from weekdays and this ends up with me breaking my streak. How do you deal with keeping your habits even on weekends?

Cynthia P.
I am guilty of the same thing but I just pick myself up and brush myself off and start over again and hope and pray that it will go better the next time and this time it has I still do the stuff and it’s just that I forget to put it in on the phone so I would say just have the willpower to pick yourself up and brush yourself off and then starting again that’s it that’s all….

Monica O.
I've struggled with the same thing. I try to keep my routine, but set it to a different time that better fits my schedule. For example, I let myself sleep a couple extra hours on S/Sn, so I'll set my morning routine alarm for 9 instead of 7.