How “deep” does one go into meditation? I feel that I stay quite aware of my surroundings. Is this OK?

Rene Q.
Meditation for me is never the same. Sometimes I can get in a deeper state almost at the end of my 12 minutes meditation. Some others I feel that I'm constantly trying to put back my attention to breathing. But always makes me feel better, decompressed, and calm.
I think that the key is to keep bringing your attention to your breathing, eventually you will feel that you had get in a deeper state, and when you got the chance try extend your meditation a few more minutes.
Dave N.
I would think it’s up to the individual. There are times when I am fully aware of my surroundings but when I’m done with the meditation I feel refreshed. There are times when I am deep into the meditation that time flys by. Hope this helps
Arista I.
I personally listen to meditation podcasts while drawing or trying to fall asleep, nidra is a nice form of meditation that allows u to lie down so u can really relax. I sometimes even put a wheat eye bag over my eyes and surround myself with nice smells. Hope this helps
Hugues Y.
I'm still new to meditation, and I'm not able to go "deep" yet. I don't think it's an issue. Meditation is a process first and foremost, and that process can take time and it's part of the experience. Not going deep enough shouldn't be a reason to drop you habit. Just go with it, through it, and continue your journey. It's not a failure, it's a step towards success.