How do you keep track and on top of things when your life is so busy?

Gisbert J.
Hi there, thanks for the question. Keeping a “to do list” is one of strategies that help me keep track of things. I also make sure that my to do list is “realistic” and “achievable” Cz otherwise it will add to stress instead of elimination of it. Thanks
Debra T.
Bullet journaling; beans moving from one pocket to another or in handy labeled cups; mincing small post-its from one side of my mirror to the other as I accomplish tasks; a very smart sports watch; health & wellbeing apps; electronic task lists; persistence practicing concentration; folding different corners of book differently for different things – small fold at the bottom for pages of particular interes; big upper corner fold to last page read; weekdays marked pill boxes; electronic calendar; purchasing things in doubles so that I know to purchase the next one when I'm on the last ( really great idea with ink cartridge that ALWAYS ran out at the worst time before I did that- the same goes for passports, if you can pull it off, it has saved me lots of potentially lost flight aggravation, money & time!). There is one exception to that advice; the mother-in-law !!!
M Lody S.
I usually don't. I usually start to let a few things go and end up feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to complete so I end up sitting down and doing nothing getting sad. The first thing that goes is usually exercise and pampering followed by eating well and then cleaning.
H Lya A.
I am old school, I write things down! I have a binder and a small planner beside my bed/ desk area. The binder contains 2 things. On the outside clear pocket ikeep the current month calender page I have printed from my computer. I write in all of my scheduled events and commitements. The contents of the binder are mon-sun weekly planner pages, also from computer. Here i use it as a diary and at the end of the day, I write in what happened that day in the appropriate date box. This keeps me accountable and in context. The point is that i always want to have something written in the box that is aligned with my goals- no empty boxes of wasted days!! The other planner is used as a normal planner and if i go somewhere i can take that with me easily. I am rarely overly busy, but making lists of things needed to be accomplished in order of importance and deadline helps to focus. Then i block schedule. For example: 1 hour homework, 1 hour yard work, lunch 1 hour, reading 1 hour , etc
Hort Nsia C.
I have adhd, and I know that if it doesn’t go into my task tracking app or my calendar immediately, it won’t happen. So I do my best to track things as they come in and I check in with my app at least five times a day. It sounds obsessive, but it’s how I’ve managed to function pretty well in a world rife with distractions.
Ludmilla E.
Its all about dedication and concentration . Inspite of busy life if u have dedication and concentration u can do anything in ur life .Don't harsh urself be particular and set up ur goals
Be fabulous
Christiana N.
I keep track by writing realistic to do lists and be proactive with my list – no procrastination! You feel so good when u tick the jobs done. Frees your time and you don’t feel guilty because you have done what’s needed. I also be kind to myself and allow me time, whether it be a
work out , meditation, 20 mins reading . Sets you up for your day .
L O Z.
I don’t, not very well. But I’m learning. Biggest thing I’m having to learn is to let it happen in the right time. Not to push it.