Yes, I have fell asleep multiple times during meditation. It might have something to do with my posture. I can definitely change it so that I can have better meditation result. Any tips?

Jimmy T.
I often use a pillow or cushion under my tush while my legs sit on the floor when I sit cross legged. It helps support my back and encourages me to sit upright. If you're having trouble with the sleep another idea is to keep your eyes open and hold a soft gaze without focusing on anything in particular.
Lee G.
You can do meditation πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ laying down in bed πŸ›Œ or you can lay down on the yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ mat with your hands on your belly and just focus on the breath going in and out
Friedhold Q.
Some meditation is designed to make you fall asleep. First have a goal in mind – if you are wanting to fall asleep, obviously be in bed; if you aren't wanting to fall asleep be sat on a chair or even a stool so you're having to hold yourself up, then you will be less likely to fall asleep, really concentrate on what is being said too
Rafael P.
I think it’s okay to fall asleep during meditation, but try to remain in a semi-conscious space to let your imagination take over.
June F.
I fall asleep when I am lying down while being very tired at the same time. For me there are two things one can do: first take a power nap before meditating. Maybe your body needs sleep. Second, sit upright and pay attention to your body and your breathing.
Lia C.
Focus on something but dont just focus on it, focus on the fact that you are focusing on it . Observe the thoughts that are going through your mind and be present with them. Know tht you are not your thoughts. And get some sleep! Sounds like you might just be tired when you sit down to practice