Any tips about how to stay positive or get out of a funk if you find yourself a bit stuck sometimes?

Cristina O.
Everything is temporary in life. If something is bothering me and I can not change it, then do not do anything. Just await and let it happen.
Meanwhile go for a walk at the beach or forest. Contemplate nature and the lif around you.
Let life happen without wanting to change it.
Agn W.
Listen to some happy and upbeat music, watch a good comedy, and write a gratitude journal! Note down also what's bothering you so you can let it out or talk to someone you love to get it out of your system and have more room for positive emotions!
Zo F.
The best thing to do when this happens is talk to a friend. That difference in perspective usually makes all the difference.
Another way to break the funk is to just do things a little differently from how you are used to. If you listen to music all day for example, try listening to the sounds of crackling fire or ocean waves instead. If you are always sitting around each day, try to get up as much as possible or go outside, even if it's just for a few minutes. Usually breaking routine leads to a break in the funk.
If that doesn't work, the last resort I use is to force positive stimuli onto myself. Smelling nice smells, listening to upbeat music, watching "Shots of Awe" videos on YouTube, anything that can give me a shot of positive energy.
I hope any of these help.
Billy N.
I’ve been just getting up and doing it,not procrastinating and just having a better attitude and I made it harder by not wanting to and putting it off longer,I’ve also been doing the ones I usually do last in my afternoon routine first and it’s been easier
Alex Q.
A walk helps, even just up and down the road for a while. Even if it is chilly where you are! Clears your head and helps clarify your mind.
Madison U.
I like to create a playlist and listen to music that makes me happy and feel upbeat. I also like being in water and take a nice hot showers sometimes makes me feel more motivated to do some thing. I also like to watch motivation videos or self-care videos that make me want to take care of myself and creative positive and have your lifestyle so I can get out of my own funk. I also like to go on Pinterest and look at lists for self-care routines or look at positive quotes or funny pictures or GIFs that will make me laugh.
Capucine F.
I often find myself stuck in a funk. When I am feeling that way a try doing things I enjoy. Going for a walk, listening to music, doing some yoga. Of course there are some funks that need a little. more that that and I think the best way to get through it is simply taking time to take care of YOURSELF. Do things that are good for you and take a second to stop worrying about people around you.
Djalma I.
Try not to listen to any negative thoughts . Accept we have biorhythms and we don’t always feel the same every day . Look around and try to notice something around you that you haven’t noticed before and take time to be grateful.
Tannis A.
For myself I had to dig deep and look at my emotions and what was happening with my life. What helped me was realizing that you have to let go of things that have happened in the past and start every day with a new outlook and beginning. Don’t harbour negative emotions because it will eat your life away.
Zo F.
1. Try talking to a friend. Their outside perspective usually helps to get me out of my head.
2. Break your routine. Do things differently than you're used to. Go outside for a bit. Listen to some ASMR videos instead of music. Take a cold shower. Anything benign that would diverge from your norm.
3. Immerse yourself in positive stimuli. Nice smells, upbeat music, tasty food, "Shots of Awe" videos always help me break the funk when all else fails.
Donya G.
At the end of each day, find 3 positives from that day. They can be really small things – eg I had a relaxing bath, I drank a hot drink whilst it was still hot – and write how it made you feel. It might be difficult to do at first, but it becomes more natural as time goes on.
Sandi T.
When I notice I’m in a funk which may take a few days, I identify the stall and readdress the task. Good example…I have been letting laundry pile up for the past two weeks. I just couldn’t get a handle on it. I don’t enjoy doing laundry but I don’t usually think about it and just do it but I’ve been in a funk. So yesterday I just said enough is enough I have to get a handle on this. I wouldn’t allow myself to get anxious and I proceeded mindfully to the task. I am happy to say I am back on track with my laundry. This would have not happened so calmly without the lessons I’ve learned with Fabulous.
Shaziya F.
First look at mirror. And think this is not u want. This is not u. U are beter than this. U r awesome and can do much more. Delete yr past get strong. Be kind and be always motivated. Think one thing u r not less than anyone. Keep going fella🥰
Lucas F.
Be present and look for the good in the situation, person or circumstance. Everything has a good and bad side to it, it’s a law. Choose to look to what’s good about it.
Devon O.
Be compassionate with yourself. It's okay to feel bad for a bit, and it's not a moral failing if you're not able to stick to your routine. Remember the basics – habits stick better when they're easy, so if something isn't sticking, find ways to make it easier for yourself rather than trying to grind through without adjusting your approach.